New Girl Recap 3.05 “The Box”

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NewGirl-Ep305_TheBox-Sc3_00176-525x350Episode 3.05 “The Box”

Synopsis: When Nick inherits some money from his late father, Jess is determined to put the funds to good use and secretly tackle Nick’s box of unwanted responsibilities – aka bills. Meanwhile, Schmidt tries to find meaning in life and asks for guidance from Rabbi Feiglin (guest star Jon Lovitz).


Five episodes into the season of New Girl and it has been a rocky starts to the beginning of the season. While the show has managed to progress the plotlines forward, there just doesn’t seem to be the same type of consistent comedic beats and moments that really make the show. Take tonight’s episode for example, which is centered around Schmidt struggling with feeling like a bad person and Nick receiving $8,000. Each of these scenarios provides some inherently foolish aspects and yet the show doesn’t really capitalize on them as well as it could or wraps it in something that isn’t funny.

Watching Nick ball out after receiving the $8,000 was pretty comical but when Jess uses the left over money to pay his overdue bills the show quickly went into soapy territory with a comedy bent. Which is a shame because I think it would have been really cool to dig into the funny version of the money dialogue but instead I was just annoyed with Nick for not realizing that he should pay his bills or give Winston the money back that he owes them. The one plus side to this was the hilarious scene with the bank worker.

Faring better was Schmidt, whose attempt to find out if he was a good person or not led to him seeking the solace of a rabbi (John Lovitz) showed that the show can find the right balance. After saving a bicyclist, he tries to get everyone to tell him that he’s a good person. After meeting a guy who got hit by a bus while doing a charity event for cancer kids, he runs back to his rabbi and has to be escorted out by security. Luckily, Winston is there to save the day and helps him realize that he’s not a bad person, just did a bad thing. Here’s to the growing bromance between the two of them and more gift like the candelabra Winston gave Schmidt.

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