New Look and Looking Forward To ‘Iron Man 3’

Iron Man 3’s continued speculation…

IM3 Teaser1

A great poster for a story that needs no introduction. Well designed, giving nothing away, this poster is clear and to the point, without anything frivolous to distract the eyes, which are all on Tony Stark, as he looks on at his creations looking back at him. Like his suits of armor, that which keeps him alive and functioning, as he had says to Dr. Banner in The Avengers (2012), “This little circle of light, it’s part of me now. Not just armor; it’s a terrible privilege.”

With the Avengers in full motion and Tony Stark as the man who has evolved to be able to put everything on the line for everyone else, despite what he would be giving up, Iron Man 3 is one of the most highly anticipated Marvel movies to come. With a recent release of a poster teaser for the much-loved egotistical hero, fans are going crazy with excitement, watching and re-watching the series over and over, wanting to be prepared for the surprises to come in 3.

As guessed, Stark will face terrible circumstances that his enemy will put before him for his unraveling, even hurting Pepper Potts. He will, then, be forced to battle, in his way, up to his enemy that is, seemingly, all-powerful, while discovering more about himself and the suit that surrounds his body. The question, as Captain America had asked in The Avengers (2012), still deeply carved in his mind is whether it is because of him that the suit is great or because of the suit that he is great?

Expectations soar for Iron Man 3, which promises great battles and great character development that will, forever, change Stark for movies to come. Some suggest that it will parallel that of The Dark Knight Rises (2012) in terms of personal growth and the feel of the story. Of course, Stark can’t change, completely, because there are some things that can never change in a person, but may only become better with experience and age, like fine wine. Cheers to Marvel for creating such hype for the series.

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