Nicolas Winding Refn is in talks to adapt ‘Button Man’?

The ‘Drive’ helmer adds another project to his pile…

Nicolas Winding Refn In DreamWorks Talks For ‘Button Man The Killing Game’Up until ‘Drive’ last year, I’d yet to really embrace Nicolas Winding Refn as a filmmaker (even ‘Bronson’ was lacking to me), but now he’s very much got my attention. Now, according to The Playlist here, he’s looking to adapt the graphic novel ‘Button Man: The Killing Game’. It’s not necessarily going to be his next project, as he’s got plenty to choose from, but it’s certainly in the hopper. After the jump you can see what else he’s got in the works, as well as what this film is about, but at the moment I’ll see anything he’s got planned. Winding Refn has evolved as a director and at this point he’s as exciting as anyone else in the business…

In addition to this project and the already completed film ‘Only God Forgives’ with Ryan Gosling, he’s got a remake of ‘Logan’s Run’, a potential romantic comedy set in New York (both of which would star Gosling as well), plus a horror film called ‘I Walk With The Dead’ for Carey Mulligan. As for ‘Button Man’, the piece from The Playlist describes the plot like this:

“Button Man: The Killing Game” centers on a former mercenary named Harry Exton, who is recruited into a game in which retired soldiers are sponsored by wealthy investors — called “Voices,” because they’re only heard on the telephone — to face off against each other in fights to the death.

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Written by Joey Magidson

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