Noah Hawley To Direct ‘To Be Read Backwards’ Adaptation for Fox

Noah Hawley has been a major name in television over the past five years. The writer and occasional director made waves with his adaptation of “Fargo,” which became one of the best shows on television. Utilizing an anthology format, the series became one of the best shows on television. It helped him strike a deal with FX to create “Legion,” an adaptation of the X-Men comic of the same name. Hawley proved a strong director and writer on the two shows. Today, he lined up his sophomore directorial feature for Fox. The studio acquired the Matthew Baker short story “To Be Read Backwards.” They then tapped Hawley to direct the upcoming film.

According to Deadline, “To Be Read Backwards” follows a man who begins his life at the moment of his death. He experiences his life in reverse, creating a mind-bending narrative in the process. Films that experiment with time have long found success, including big hits like “Memento” from Christopher Nolan. Hawley himself likes to play with structure and has done so on both of his shows in a big way. He might be the perfect person to adapt an odd story like this one.

In 2018, Hawley filmed his first feature film, “Pale Blue Dot” with Natalie Portman. The drama will follow a NASA astronaut who has a mental breakdown when she returns to Earth. The cast also includes Zazie BeetzJon Hamm, Ellen BurstynColman Domingo, and Dan Stevens. Fox must feel good about “Pale Blue Dot.” because it seems doubtful they would rush into “To Be Read Backwards” otherwise.

What do you think of “To Be Read Backwards” as a film? Will Hawley transition over to cinema well? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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