NYFF Announces ‘At Eternity’s Gate’ Starring Willem Dafoe as Closing Film


The New York Film Festival has been relatively quiet in announcing their films for the upcoming festival. While we’ve received word on their opening night film, “The Favourite,” and centerpiece film “Roma,” the rest of the fest is relatively unknown. Today, NYFF has officially announced their closing film for the festival. The film is a potential omen of good things to come for the festival. “At Eternity’s Gate” from Julian Schnabel and starring Willem Dafoe, will close NYFF. We get our first look at the film below.

“At Eternity’s Gate” has been a relatively quiet piece of the puzzle in the upcoming awards season. Despite being lead by last supporting actor nominee, Dafoe, little has been seen about the film. With the announcement, we get a look at Dafoe as the famed painter Vincent Van Gogh. In a surprise to no one, the actor is a dead ringer for the tragic painter. The film also stars some other big names as well. Oscar Issac will take on Paul Guguin, a role that won Anthony Quinn a Supporting Actor Oscar for “Lust for Life” in the 1950s.

With NYFF beginning to fill out its lineup, we’re beginning to see the pieces come together for some big Oscar players. There are still a few world premieres to announce, and while one has been tacked up to NYFF yet, it’s sure to come. “At Eternity’s Gate” is slated to play Venice first, but will make its North American premiere at NYFF. With Dafoe and Isaac continuing to trend upward, and Schnabel a renown director, expect big things from this upcoming biopic.

What do you think of NYFF securing a North American premiere for “At Eternity’s Gate?” Do you think that Dafoe is a challenger to win Best Actor? Let us know in the comments below! 


“At Eternity’s Gate” opens in November 2018. CBS Films will distribute.