Oscar 2014 Will Win/Should Win Selections (Kristen Lopez)

LOGO_OSCARS_ON-AIR__2014-colorMy time with the Award Circuit has been brief, but in the ten months I’ve written here I’ve done nothing but live, eat, and breathe Academy Awards.  At this point, I’m so gorged on the Oscars I spit random facts.  With that, I’m still struggling to pick the right winners of this year’s ceremony.  In that case, the desire to do a Will Win/Should Win post is fun as it allows me to discuss a few choices that aren’t the obvious contenders.  It’s almost time to close the book on 2013 and I must confess I’m looking forward to it.

ChiwetelEjifor_12YearsaSlaveBest Picture
Will Win: 12 Years a Slave
Should Win: The Wolf of Wall Street
Should Have Been Nominated: Inside Llewyn Davis
Additional Thoughts: The slate of Best Picture nominees is great, and there are several contenders I’d be happy to see win, but 12 Years a Slave deserves its win particularly if the awards wants to convey some type of relevance to current events.  One can look at various Best Picture winners throughout the decade and derive a lot about the political climate from them.  In a year where racial tension is a hot-button issue, wouldn’t it be saying something to honor a movie which didn’t sugarcoat a harsh time in our history; a time many wonder if we’re flirting with returning to in some way?  Regardless, I’m still a tad bitter about the Coen Brothers’ film being snubbed outright.  If A Serious Man can garner a nomination, Llewyn Davis should have!

Best Director
Will Win: Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave)
Should Win: Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity)
Should Have Been Nominated: Joel and Ethan Coen (Inside Llewyn Davis)
Additional Thoughts: Many are predicting a split between Gravity and 12 Years a Slave with one winning Picture and the other director.  I’m sticking to McQueen’s win because, again, it would be great if the Academy wanted to make history with an African-American director winning.  Otherwise, Cuaron is a worthy addition in his own right, particularly if you look at the stunning visuals of Gravity.  Both directors are worthy of the award and in the end I’d fully embrace a tie.  However, poor Coen’s, you guys deserved a spot. 


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Written by Kristen Lopez

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