Oscar Vehicles for Naomi Watts and Matthew McConaughey Get New Release Dates


The Princess Diana biopic, Diana, is moving to an Oscar friendly release date of November 1 (limited). The long overdue Naomi Watts stands to gain the most from this news, as many expect her role to be very much up the Academy’s aisle.

Also getting a more Oscar-centric release is the AIDS drama, Dallas Buyers Club, the one many expect will garner awards love for the rising Matthew McConaughey. Focus Features is moving the film to the same date as Diana (limited), which is actually being pushed back from its original December 6 date. Smart move, as the film would have opened against Scott Cooper’s Out of the Furnace and The Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis. Instead, it moves opposite Diana and Ender’s Game.


No wide release date is set for either film at the moment, but it is expected they will both go wide closer to Thanksgiving.

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Written by Mark Johnson

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