Oscar Web Series Launches on Oscar.com


Oscar.com has launched its brand new web series, “Nominated with Dave Karger”, that provides moviegoers with an in-depth look at each of the 2012 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture. Entertainment Weekly’s Oscar columnist, Dave Karger, hosts the web-series with insightful commentary that is inter-cut between clips of the films and interview footage from the crew, actors, and filmmakers involved with each nominated motion picture. Check out the first Webisode in the series, beginning with a comprehensive focus on Steven Spielberg’s War Horse:

Click Here To Watch The First Webisode

Sounds like a great way for The Academy to reach out to the youth of the internet age, no? I am just hoping these web series continue on in the future. As we have seen recently, audiences, especially young moviegoers, are shying away from Academy Award nominated films and sticking with their typical franchise fare. Only The Help grossed over $100 million domestically of the nine nominated films for Best Picture.  What happened to the glory days when some of the highest grossing films of the year managed to land Best Picture nominations? Hopefully, new media series like this will spur interest from the younger demographic and turn their attention to the high quality films that have been recognized by the Academy. Whether this web series actually makes an impact on the box office remains to be seen, but I am liking the new direction the Academy is taking in trying to draw in the internet generation. Enjoy the first episode, continue to follow the web series, and post your opinions below in the comments section.