Oscar Predictions

academy_awardsThis week we have the official kick off to awards season with the Telluride Film Festival starting for critics everywhere.  Films will be “secretly” screened, buzz will reach a fever pitch for certain films, and some films will fall on their face.  It’s the nature of the game.  The entire staff of AwardsCircuit.com has put together a fall preview of all the films you need to see before the year is over, awards worthy or not.

Many of intriguing premises, while others are waiting in the wings for distribution and/or a release date.  Most of, if not all the studios are represented, from all genres, and all languages.

The final set of Oscar Predictions have been altered since August 22, and will likely not be touched until mid or end of Toronto.  I anticipate some push backs to 2015, and other films and performances to not live up to the hype.  I’ll wait for the dust to settle on many of the big festivals before offering up major indications.

We will have major representation from every festival this season, with the exception of Telluride, but will keep you posted on all the developments with review rounds up and such.  Happy Awards Season and make sure to include any inclusions and/or thoughts in the comment section.