the-millers_612x907The Millers is the next new family oriented comedy show trying to find its place in our crazy world of television. Unfortunately, this new comedy show probably won’t find a place on the CBS lineup for very long.

Will Arnett stars as Nathan, a television reporter who has recently gotten divorce, but failed to tell his parents about it. With the help of his sister, played by Glee’s Jayma Mays, he is able to continue hiding the truth from his controlling mother, played by Margo Martindale.

When Nathans father, played by Beau Bridges, causes a plumbing accident in their house, Nathan’s parents are forced to come up to pay their children a visit. This visit leads them to finding out the truth about Nathan and his divorce, which takes a nasty, unexpected and hilarious turn.

The Millers isn’t great, but it has the potential to be better than what it is. It’s a decent comedy show with a respectable cast and a mediocre script. At times the show is laugh out loud funny and during other parts of the show you’re wondering how this idea even got off the ground. All shows are trying to emulate great ones from the past, but this one doesn’t seem to have the originality to make it on it’s own.

The best parts of the show are between Beau Bridges and Margo Martindale. If The Millers was solely about them, with their children as supporting characters, the show would be much better. Will Arnett has definitely grown as a comedic actor and I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t try to so hard to sell a joke. Jayma Mays just plays a supporting character that doesn’t do much else than look cute.

The Miller’s has its moments, but those moments are not enough for it to receive another season or even save itself from cancellation.  It has potential, but the writing needs to improve.