There are few more films more exciting in animation than the arrival of original Pixar films. While the studio began doubling down on popular properties, they eventually had to reverse course. After all, making sequels and prequels for “Cars,” “Monsters Inc.,” and “Finding Nemo” was not going particularly well outside of the box office. After getting back on track with “Inside Out” and “Coco,” the studio known for making computer animated films popular has announced their latest original film. “Onward” will release in March of 2020, and stars Chris Pratt, Tom HollandOctavia Spencer, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in key roles.

The announcement of the new film came today from Disney’s twitter account. The story will follow two elf brothers on a quest to discover magic in their world. The film comes from director Dan Scanlon, who also directed “Monster’s University” for Pixar. He has openly talked about the inspiration coming from his relationship with own brother, and the loss of their father at a very young age. If that does not sound like a Pixar film ready to rip your heart out, it is unclear what will.

One of the other cool elements of “Onward” appears to be the way in which it interacts with fantasy storytelling. While the brothers are set to be elves, there will be many mythical creatures in the world. For a long time, the film was known only as a “suburban fantasy adventure,” with Scanlon elaborating that other creatures existed. In fact, the first image from D23 from 2017 showed a dragon flying through the sky toward a Spielbergian town. Considering the cast involved has two very expressive actors in Pratt and Holland, as well as awards magnets Dreyfus and Spencer, this should quickly become one of the most anticipated films of 2020.

What do you think of Pixar’s news about “Onward?” Do you believe it could become another huge hit for the studio? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

“Onward” will open on March 6, 2020. Disney/Pixar will distribute. 

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