PREDICTIONS: Academy Awards (Oscars) 2018


This is the official place to see the latest Oscar Predictions for the given year.  All predictions are written and recorded by Editor-in-Chief and Owner of, Clayton Davis.  All predictions are made based on film pedigree, reviews, “Oscar buzz,” and reactions from critics, pundits, and actual Oscar voters.

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  1. Okay here are my early predictions! In order of how likely I think they will win:

    The Shape of Water
    The Darkest Hour
    The Post
    Call Me By Your Name
    The Greatest Showman
    The Battle of the Sexes
    3 Billboards Outside of ….

    Guillermo Del Toro – The Shape of Water
    Christopher Nolan – Dunkirk
    Joe Wright – The Darkest Hour
    Luca Guadagnino – Call Me By Your Name
    Steven Spielberg – The Post

    Kate Winslet – Wonder Wheel
    Sally Hawkins – The Shape of Water
    Saoirse Ronan – LadyBird
    Frances McDormand – 3 Billboards
    Emma Stone – Battle of the Sexes

    Gary Oldman – The Darkest Hour
    Daniel Day Lewis – Phantom Thread
    Hugh Jackman – The Greatest Showman
    Jake Gylenhaal – Stronger
    James Franco – The Disaster Artist

    Melissa Leo – Novitiate
    Allison Janey – I, Tonya
    Laurie Metcalf – LadyBird
    Kristin Scott Thomas – The Darkest Hour
    Michelle Pfieffer – Mother!

    Willam Dafoe – The Florida Project
    Ben Mendelsohn – The Darkest Hour
    Armie Hammer – Call Me By Your Name
    Sam Rockwell – 3 Billboards Outside Of…
    Jason Mitchell – Mudbound

    Call Me By Your Name
    Molly’s Game
    The Disaster Artist
    You Were Never Really Here

    The Big Sick
    The Shape of Water
    Wonder Wheel
    Get Out

    • Mine look pretty damn close to this, except I have Mudbound getting shut out for now. Even if it’s great, I’m not comfortable putting it anywhere until we see evidence that the Academy is ready to embrace it. The general temperature around Hollywood feels like they aren’t.

    • I don’t think Winslet is going to make it. Strong race and Wonder Wheel didn’t get much love out of NYFF.

    • I truly like the way you think. You haven’t put anyone on your lists that I would be disappointed to see among the actual nominations. The extended 2nd trailer for Greatest Showman just dropped. It may not be among the picture nominations, but it looks like the feel good film of the year and Hugh deserves his second nomination if only for delivering two great films in the same year.

  2. Add Bria Vinaite from “The Florida Project” can’t imagine ANYONE walking out of that movie, and not be affected by her performance MILES above the other actors, PUT her on that list and take note, She is AMAZING in that film. a star turn.

  3. I know that Blade Runner 2049 will not win the original score category, but I realy believe that it is the best score of the year.

    • Not all that likely, although Lsdy Bird definitely will be nominated, including for Director (Spielberg has all but confirmed that, and he knows the Academy as well as anyone, I would think).

      Historically the best predictors (at 80% or so) for Best Film Oscar have been Producers Guild and Directors Guild (Director, there, with film then often winning Oscar Best Film). We’ll see how those two go, shortly.

  4. As we are on the verge of the Oscar Nominations themselves, it is more than appropriate to give some final predictions.
    Best Picture
    This is as seriously nerve-wracking and unpredictable as a best picture race can get. It will also ironically probably be the smallest since the Academy expanded the catergory in 2010. The maximum amount of realistic contenders is 7. But I think it’ll be narrowed down a final 5 which have all got an equal chance of winning B.P. Dunkirk, Get Out, Ladybird, Shape of Water, Three Bilboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. The other two lower contenders are Call Me by Your Name and The Post, but I think this’ll miss the cut in the end, as the Academy go down the bare bones of the contenders.
    1.Get Out
    2.The Shape of Water
    4.Three Bilboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
    If there’s seven….
    6.The Post
    7.Call Me By Your Name

    • What have you seen special in Get Out? Just a typical horror movie with the untypical interpretation. Hope, it won’t be even as the best picture contender not to pollute general view)))))

  5. Best Motion Picture:
    1. Three Billboards
    2. The Shape of Water
    3. Lady Bird
    4. Call Me By YOur Name
    5. Dunkirk
    6. Get Out
    7. The Florida Project
    8. The Post
    (If there’s nine: I, Tonya)

    1. Martin McDonagh – Three Billboards
    2. Guillermo del Toro – The Shape of Water
    3. Greta Gerwig – Lady Bird
    4. Christopher Nolan – Dunkirk
    5. Sean Baker – The Florida Project

    Lead Actress:
    1. Francis McDormand
    2. Saoirse Ronan
    3. Sally Hawkins
    4. Margot Robbie
    5. Diane Kruger or Meryl Streep

    Lead Actor:
    1. Gary Oldman
    2. Timothée Chalamet
    3. Daniel Day Lewis
    4. Daniel Kaluuya
    5. Harry Dean Stanton

    Supporting Actress:
    1. Laurie Metcalf (Because some oscar should be given to Lady Bird)
    2. Allison Janney
    3. Octavia Spencer
    4. Holly Hunter
    5. Hong Chau

    Supporting Actor:
    1. Sam Rockwell
    2. Richard Jenkins
    3. Willem Dafoe
    4. Woody Harrelson
    5. Christopher Plummer or Armie Hammer

    Original Screenplay:
    1. Three Billboards
    2. Lady Bird
    3. Get Out
    4. The Florida Project
    5. The Shape of Water or The Post

    Adapted Screenplay:
    1. Call Me By Your Name
    2. Molly’s Game
    3. The Disaster Artist
    4. The Death of Stalin
    5. (If the Academy considers Netflix movies) Mudbound

    Animated film:
    1. Coco
    2. Loving Vincent
    3. The Breadwinner
    4. Le Grand Méchant Renard et autres contes
    5. Le Jeune fille sans mains or Cars 3

    Documentary feature:
    1. Jane
    2. City of Ghosts
    3. Faces Places
    4. Strong Island
    5. Long Strange Trip

    Foreign Language Film:
    1. The Square
    2. Loveless
    3. A Fantastic Woman
    3. The Wound
    4. The Insult or Foxtrot

    1. Blade Runner 2049
    2. The Shape of Water
    3. Dunkirk
    4. Darkest Hour
    5. The Beguiled or Mudbound (If they consider it)

    Film Editing:
    1. Dunkirk
    2. The Shape of Water
    3. Three Billboards
    4. Lady Bird
    5. Blade Runner 2049 or I,Tonya

    Production Design:
    1. The Shape of Water
    2. Blade Runner 2049
    3. Darkest Hour
    4. Dunkirk
    5. Beauty and the Beast

    Costume Design:
    1. Beauty and the Beast (It could happen like the previous year where Fantastic Beasts surprisingly won).
    2. Phantom Thread
    3. Murder on the Orient Express
    4. The Shape of Water
    5. Dunkirk or The Greatest Showman

    Visual Effects:
    1. Dunkirk
    2. Blade Runner 2049
    3. War for the Planet of the Apes
    4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
    5. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 or Okja

    Makeup and Hair:
    1. Darkest Hour
    2. Wonder
    3. Bright or I,Tonya

    Sound mixing:
    1. Dunkirk
    2. The Shape of Water
    3. Blade Runner 2049
    4. Baby Driver
    5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi or Coco

    Sound editing:
    1. Dunkirk
    2. Blade Runner 2049
    3. The Shape of Water
    4. Coco
    5. Baby Driver or Kong: Skull Island

    Original Score:
    1. The Shape of Water
    2. Dunkirk
    3. Darkest Hour
    4. Phantom Thread
    5. Coco or Three Billboards

    • I forgot Original Song:

      1. Remember Me
      2. Stand Up for Something
      3. It Ain’t Fair
      4. The Mistery of Love
      5. You Shouldn’t Look At Me That Way

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