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Queer Girl: 2019 Emmy Nominations, Marvel’s First Queer Superhero, and ‘Queer Eye’s’ Fab 5 Return

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I’m Selina, Awards Circuit’s queer Girl Friday for everything LGBTQIA+ on film and TV!

The entertainment sphere is looking more rainbow by the minute, with queer folx and LGBTQIA+ storytelling at the forefront of mainstream media.  Marvel broke San Diego Comic Con with news about their upcoming projects, which FINALLY include an out and proud Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), while the Fab 5 returned to Netflix with a fourth season of “Queer Eye” that’s oh so binge-able. And we can’t forget the 2019 Primetime Emmy nominations, which include quite a few LGBTQIA+ actors and acknowledgement of powerful LGBTQIA+ storytelling. Let’s get into it.

Valkyrie is Marvel’s First Official Out, Queer Superhero

thor ragnarok valkyrie

The Marvel showcase at this year’s San Diego Comic Con is always newsworthy, but in the wake of the studio’s “Avengers: Endgame” box office success, fans are ravenous for new info about the future of the MCU. While I, like most queer MCU fans, am ecstatic about the cast lineup for “The Eternals” (Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek as Marvel superheroes? Yes please), many rightly focused on the excitement surrounding “Thor: Love and Thunder” which will feature not only Natalie Portman taking over as the God of Thunder, but also feature Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie, King of New Asgard, as Marvel’s first official queer superhero.

This reveal isn’t new or surprising– in fact, a scene cut from “Thor: Ragnarok” confirmed Valkyrie’s canon bisexuality— but for a franchise that’s woefully slow to allow their superheroes out of the closet, this is huge news. Thompson, who’s been adamant about Valkyrie’s bisexuality, made it clear that finding a new love interest for Valkyrie was a priority. According to Syfy, Thompson told the cheering Hall H crowd, “In her first day as king of Asgard, I think Valkyrie has to find her queen. She has a few ideas.” In an interview with io9 a later, Kevin Feige also confirmed the news, though he was characteristically vague about it.

This begs the question: who should Valkyrie fall head over heels for? My money’s on Portman’s Jane Foster striking up a romance with the superhero. Think of it: two badass ladies, one wielding Mjolnir, the other sitting on the throne of New Asgard, ushering in a new gay golden age of the ancient people. The entire movie is gayer than all the previous MCU films combined, included the romantic tension between the Winter Soldier and Captain America. Wishful thinking? Definitely. Will I be desperately hoping this comes true until “Thor: Love and Thunder” comes out? Also definitely. Who would your pick be to play Valkyrie’s lady love?

Season 4 of “Queer Eye” Has Heart, Smarts, and Dogs Galore

Screen Shot 2019 07 21 at 11.00.01 PM

The Fab 5 have returned to Kansas City for another season of home renovations, hair makeovers, and inspiring, endearing heroes we can’t help but root for. Oh, and there’s not one, not two, but three featured dogs in Season 4, including a corgi, because Netflix truly understands what the people want. The new season follows in the vein of its predecessors, with “Queer Eye” honoring a wider, more diverse range of heroes who have poignant (and politically relevant) experiences to share. Better yet, as Mashable points out, “Queer Eye” has become more self-aware this season, using 5 out of the 8 episodes to help not only their hero, but also draw viewer interest to a personal project, foundation, or charity the hero runs. It’s clear that the bigwigs behind “Queer Eye” and the Fab 5 understand the impact their kindness and efforts can make, and are trying to put their powers to the best use possible.

If you haven’t already watched the entire season (Netflix shows are made for binge-watching, after all), I’d suggest starting with the episode “Disabled But Not Really.” Wesley, the hero of “Disabled But Not Really,” is one of the most lovable heroes the series has featured, on top of being “Queer Eye’s” first wheelchair user; his sit-down with the man who caused his disability is a must-watch that doesn’t dramatize or place blame in an impossibly difficult conversation. The emotional maturity of two black men discussing a terrible incident in their past, without so much as a raised voice, is a rare sight on television, and deserves all of the praise it will surely get. And after that, if you need a pick-me-up, try “Without Further Ado” or “Stoner Skates By,” the latter of which features an adorable corgi that Antoni has a complete meltdown over. Same, Antoni, same.

Season 4 of “Queer Eye” is available now on Netflix. Watch the official trailer below.

Meet Your 2019 LGBTQIA+ Primetime Emmy Nominees

Screen Shot 2019 07 19 at 11.32.16 PM

And last but not least: the official nominees for the 2019 Primetime Emmys are finally here! The group includes quite a few examples of prime LGBTQIA+ storytelling, with rainbow-centric shows like “Pose,” “Killing Eve,” “Queer Eye,” “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and more garnering multiple nominations for their general queer excellence. I’m most excited by the Lead Actor (Drama) nomination for Billy Porter, who is one of the first out gay black men to earn a nod in the category, and has been giving truly incredible performances every week on “Pose.” We still have a long wait until the live ceremony on Sept. 22, but I’ll certainly be pulling for Porter to finally win his damn gold already.

Check out the list of LGBTQIA+ nominees, including LGBTQIA+ actors, those playing LGBTQIA+ characters and shows with a specific LGBTQIA+ message who’ve received nominations this year. See the full list of 2019 Primetime Emmy nominees here, and let me know if I missed anyone in the comments below.

Best Drama Series

  • “Pose”
  • “Killing Eve”
  • “This Is Us”

Best Comedy Series

  • “The Good Place”
  • “Schitt’s Creek”

Lead Actor (Limited Series or TV Movie)

  • Hugh Grant, “A Very English Scandal”

Lead Actor (Drama)

  • Billy Porter, “Pose”

Lead Actress (Drama)

  • Jodie Comer, “Killing Eve”
  • Viola Davis, “How To Get Away With Murder”
  • Sandra Oh, “Killing Eve”

Supporting Actress (Comedy)

  • Kate McKinnon, “Saturday Night Live”

Supporting Actor (Limited Series or Movie)

  • Ben Whishaw, “A Very English Scandal”

Best Competition Program

  • “The Amazing Race”
  • “RuPaul’s Drag Race”

Reality Host

  • Ellen Degeneres, “Ellen’s Game of Games” (NBC)
  • RuPaul, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (VH1)

Structured Reality Program

  • “Queer Eye”

Unstructured Reality

  • “Born This Way” (A&E)
  • “RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked” (VH1)

Guest Actress (Comedy)

  • Jane Lynch, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (Prime Video)

Guest Actress (Drama)

  • Laverne Cox, “Orange is the New Black” (Netflix)

Director (Drama)

  • Lisa Bruhlmann, “Desperate Times” from “Killing Eve” (BBC)

Director (Limited Series, Movie or Dramatic Special)

  • Stephen Frears, “A Very English Scandal” (Prime Video)

Best Writing (Comedy)

  • Josh Siegal & Dylan Morgan, “Janet(s)” from “The Good Place” (NBC)

Best Writing (Drama)

  • Emerald Fennell, “Nice And Neat” from “Killing Eve” (BBC)

Best Writing (Limited Series, Movie or Dramatic Special)

  • Russell T Davies, “A Very English Scandal” (Prime Video)

Directing (Reality Program)

  • Hisham Abed, “Black Girl Magic” from “Queer Eye” (Netflix)
  • Nick Murray, “Whatcha Unpackin?” from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (VH1)

Variety Special (Live)

  • 72nd Annual Tony Awards” (CBS)
  • RENT” (FOX)

Variety Special (Pre-Recorded)

  • “Hannah Gadsby: Nanette” (Netflix)
  • “Wanda Sykes: Not Normal” (Netflix)

Who should be Valkyrie’s lady love? Did you enjoy Season 4 of Netflix’s “Queer Eye”? Which Primetime Emmy nominees are you rooting for? Let me know in the comments below!


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