Queer Girl Friday: First Pic of Ruby Rose as Batwoman, ‘A Star Is Born’ Goes For Drama Gold, ‘Dancing Queen’ Drops


I’m Selina, Awards Circuit’s queer Girl Friday for everything LGBTQIA+ on film and TV! This week has been full of intrigue and eye-catching headlines, with Ruby Rose sneaking us a peek at her new Batwoman uniform and “A Star Is Born” eyeing Golden Globe drama categories, not the expected (and perhaps, easily won) comedy/musical awards. And if you’ve been looking for an easy rainbow Netflix binge, consider drag queen Alyssa Edwards’ half “Dance Moms,” half biographical doc “Dancing Queen” that just premiered on the streaming platform. And if you were wondering: yes, there’s just as many tongue-pops as you think there’s gonna be.

First Picture of Ruby Rose as Batwoman Released

Ruby Rose has some new ruby locks, just in time to help save the Arrowverse from the forces of evil. The actress released a first look of herself on Instagram in full Batwoman glory, wearing the trademark red bat symbol on her chest and the black batmask (that’s what it’s called, right?). Unfortunately, I don’t think the picture doesn’t seem to do the outfit justice, with the bright studio lighting turning Academy Award-winning Colleen Atwood’s vision into more of a Halloween costume than true superhero gear. I’m hoping my opinion will change once we see it in action. See the pic below and left me know in the comments what you think.

Rose will appear for the first time as Batwoman during The CW’s DC crossover event, which is set to begin Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. ET. According to Deadline, filming for the crossover (which is also serving as a sort-of “Batwoman” pilot) will begin Oct. 29. While we don’t know how Batwoman will be introduced, it’s safe to say that everything rides on fans’ reactions to Batwoman: if the heroic Kate Kane doesn’t click with audiences, it’s unlikely that a solo Batwoman series will be greenlit. If fans do love Rose’s Batwoman, the actress will become the first lesbian lead of a live-action superhero TV series. Fingers crossed for a happy reception!

“A Star Is Born” Enters in Golden Globes Drama Categories

“A Star Is Born” is going all out this awards season. With glowing reviews and box office dollars pouring in (over $75 million of them thus far, according to Box Office Mojo), it’s clear that the film is going to earn quite a few accolades at the Golden Globes. But instead of entering in the typical comedy/musical categories, “A Star Is Born” is throwing its hat in the drama ring (along with musical competitor “Bohemian Rhapsody”). If the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) approves the entry, “A Star Is Born” will be fighting for recognition based on its story, not the obviously stunning soundtrack.

As Gold Derby notes, drama wins are usually seen as more prestigious, with the movie going against the “big dogs” instead of resting on their laurels in comedy/musical. And then there’s Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, the picture-perfect team behind “A Star Is Born’s” success. Cooper will obviously be up for Best Director, with a directorial debut that’s getting this much love, but Lady Gaga’s performance also blew everyone away, easily earning her noms in either Drama or Comedy/Musical (depending on the HFPA ruling). If she was nominated (and won) for Best Drama Actress, she could edge her bets just that much closer to a Best Actress Oscar win down the line.

Of course, all of this hinges on whether of not HFPA approves “A Star is Born” for drama entry. As Vulture notes, the submission deadline isn’t until Oct. 31, and they could decide to keep “A Star Is Born” in its musical place and just throw some expected awards (Best Soundtrack, Best Actress in a Musical, etc.) their way. One thing’s for certain: “A Star Is Born” is taking its awards prospects seriously, and it’s going to be a hell of a season.

Alyssa Edwards’ “Dancing Queen” Drops On Netflix

Her name is Alyssa Edwards, and she’s back, back, back again to teach the children at Beyond Belief Dance Company. Edwards, real-life name Justin Johnson, opened the door to the worlds of dance and drag in “Dancing Queen,” his very own series for Netflix.

The series (which dropped Oct. 5) hop-skotches between the world of long lashes, lip syncs and high heels to the world of competitive dance, where he mentors dance students at his own dance studio in Texas. We follow the newly formed elite teams of Beyond Belief Dancers, who compete nationally, and their “crazy dance moms,” as Johnson puts it.

While the drama does nod to previous dance reality shows like “Dance Moms,” the World of Wonder Productions series aims for a more positive message, with most drama kept between adults in more-or-less appropriate settings. And while Johnson does have some tough love for his students, there’s an undercurrent of pride and care he shows for the kids under his wig. For Alyssa Edwards fans, we get some time on the road and in the studio as Johnson records his first single “The Supreme” and tours the world. We also get a closer look at his early beginnings, rocky family relationships and his “drag family,” bringing Alyssa’s drag-child and “A Star Is Born” icon Shangela onboard for several episodes. Overall, the series is the kind of reality programming that LGBTQIA+ folx have been craving: queer, cute, dramatic and heartwarming.

“Dancing Queen” is available on Netflix now.

What do you think of Ruby Rose’s Batwoman suit? Thoughts on “A Star Is Born’s” award hopes? Let me know in the comments below!