Quentin Tarantino Reaffirms He’s ‘Stopping at 10’ Films


Quentin Tarantino made an appearance this week at the Jerusalem Cinematheque, where he delivered a humorous conversation about his films, methods and career. Among the nuggets of information he shared, he again confirmed his comments that he would only be making 10 films.

When asked about his previous claims that he would only direct 10 films in his career, he said:

“I’m planning on stopping at 10. So it’ll be two more. Even if at 75, if I have this other story to tell, it would still kind of work because that would make those 10. They would be there and that would be that. But the one he did when he was an old f—ing man, that geriatric one exists completely on its own in the old folks’ home and is never put in the same shelf next to the other 10. So it doesn’t contaminate the other 10.”

It has long been said that the acclaimed filmmaker would only make a few more projects. His films are notoriously involved and take years and years to develop. It’s for this reason that Tarantino is a household name, despite not having an incredibly long list of films under his belt.

As a CBS News article points out, Tarantino considers “Kill Bill: Vol. 1” and “Kill Bill: Vol. 2” to be one movie. “He also doesn’t count his contributions to the multi-director features “Four Rooms” or “Sin City” but does include his “Death Proof” portion of the “Grindhouse” double feature,” the report claims.

Tarantino also discussed critics, saying that he listens to the theories that are out there about his films. Specifically, he talked about the theories that he only makes “films in threes:”

“I was listening to a podcast and there was a British critic pontificating about my work. And he said something to the degree of: ‘Well, Tarantino makes movies in threes. “Reservoir Dogs,” ”Pulp Fiction,” “Jackie Brown.” Then ‘Kill Bill 1’ — I consider ‘Kill Bill’ as one movie but for the sake of his hypothesis — so ‘Kill Bill 1,’ ‘Kill Bill 2,’ ‘Death Proof’ and then ‘Inglourious Basterds,’ ‘Django’ and ‘The Hateful Eight.’

[The critic] goes: ‘He makes movies in threes. The first two movies are very symbiotically connected, almost complement each other in a different way. The third movie usually is linked by genre to some degree or another to the first two, but it almost exists as a rebuke to the first two. It almost exists as a bastard child of the first two and is usually never as popular as the first two.’ He’s on to something — even the idea that the third one is almost, in its own way, a critique of the first two. And I thought that was really interesting and it held more water the more I thought about it.”

The rest of the conversation with Tarantino can be found over at Variety. In the transcript, Tarantino also discusses the references to other films in his work, his directing style, his obsession with dialogue, shooting “The Hateful Eight,” almost giving up on “Inglourious Basterds” and more.

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