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Circuit Quiz: Jason Patric Birthday Trivia

"The Lost Boys" (1987), dir. Joel Schumacher

In honor of Jason Patric’s birthday, take our quiz to see how well you know the actor. He has been working steadily since the mid-80s and while most of his iconic work was then, he has continued to turn out movies consistently. He is one of those actors you might not recognize immediately. However, you have definitely seen him in something.

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Films included in this quiz include:

  • Question of

    What was Jason Patric’s first feature movie?

    Image from the movie "The Lost Boys" 1987
    • “Solarbabies”
    • “The Lost Boys”
    • “Denial”
    • “After Dark, My Sweet” (1990)
  • Question of

    Which movie did Patric receive awards buzz for, including regional critics prizes?

    Image from the movie ""
    • “The Lost Boys” (1987)
    • “In the Valley of Elah” (2007)
    • “Your Friends and Neighbors” (1998)
    • “Denial” (1990)
  • Question of

    Where was Patric born?

    • Los Angeles
    • Queens
    • San Francisco
    • Chicago
  • Question of

    How many Razzie Awards has Patric been nominated for?

    Image from the movie "The Lost Boys" 1987
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
  • Question of

    Which film did he recieve Razzie nomination(s) for?

    jasonpatric 1
    • “The Losers” (2010)
    • “Speed 2” (1997
    • “The Beast of War” (1988)
    • “Rush” (1991)
  • Question of

    Which famous actor/comedian was Patric’s grandfather?

    jasonpatric kiefersutherland lostboys
    • Jimmy Carson
    • Art Carney
    • Bob Hope
    • Jackie Gleason

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