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Circuit Quiz: Ultimate ‘Game of Thrones’ Quiz

Emilia Clarke HBO Game of Thrones 2

Game of Thrones” is hailed as one of the best television shows in history. While it had a divisive conclusion, its acclaim and pop culture impact are undeniable. For our latest Circuit Quiz, you can test your knowledge of the beloved series. Since Robb Stark himself, Richard Madden, celebrated his birthday last week, it’s an added incentive to participate.

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Take the quiz below!

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  • Question of

    What is the name of Sansa’s Direwolf?

    Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Image 3
    • Fluffy
    • Lady
    • Cassie
    • Nymeria
  • Question of

    Where is Daenerys’ homeland?

    game of thrones 1
    • Naath
    • Astapor
    • Valyrian Peninsula
  • Question of

    Which season did Jon Snow die in before his resurrection?

    5x10 Mother s Mercy game of thrones 38564999 1280 720
    • Season One
    • Season Four
    • Season Five
    • Season Two
  • Question of

    Who became Ned Stark’s successor as King of the North?

    game of thrones ned stark
    • Robb Stark
    • Jon Snow
    • Bran Stark
  • Question of

    Only one “Game of Thrones” performer has won Emmys for their work on the series. Who is it?

    emmys 2019
    • Lena Headey
    • Kit Harrington
    • Peter Dinklage
    • Emilia Clarke
  • Question of

    Who defeats the Night King?

    Game of Thrones Hardhome
    • Sansa Stark
    • Arya Stark
    • Jamie Lannister
    • Jon Snow
  • Question of

    Richard Madden will be starring in “The Eternals” opposite Kit Harrington. Which other “Game of Thrones” co-star has Madden done a film with?

    richard madden game of thrones
    • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
    • Alfie Allen
    • Dean Charles-Chapman
    • Nathalie Emmanuel

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Written by Matt St.Clair

Matt St.Clair is a freelance film journalist currently residing in Connecticut. He is a member of the Gay & Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association and the Online Film & Television Association.


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