WATCH: New ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ Trailer Gives Us Plot & More Disney Cameos


One of the most underappreciated Disney films of the past decade remains “Wreck-It Ralph,” the ultimate nostalgia film for video games. Releasing six years before “Ready Player One,” the movie followed a Donkey Kong/Rampage style character as he fought to become a hero. Ralph was voiced by the amazing John C. Reilly. The first was a smash, sneaking up on many audiences and helped to kick-start the second Renaissance of Disney films. Today, we received the second trailer for the upcoming adventure sequel.

The premise of the new film makes far more sense in the context of trailer 2. When Sugar Rush, Vanellope’s (Sarah Silverman) game is unplugged, Ralph and Vanellope go to the internet to find a way to fix the game. On the journey, they meet many new characters and many Disney cameos. Not only do we see a series of the Disney Princesses, but Buzz Lightyear and Baymax also sneak in for a second. The scale to “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is much larger, perhaps cynically delivering dozens of product cameos in the process. The new character to watch for will be Shank (Gal Gadot), a racer in the “Slaughter Race” video game. We know little about the character, let alone her allegiances. Regardless, Gadot joining a Disney movie should be very exciting.

While the original “Wreck-It Ralph” received acclaim, the Academy sided with Pixar‘s “Brave” in the end. However, with support so strong for the original, Walt Disney Animation Studios must have something up their sleeve here. “Ralph Breaks the Internet” will only be the second sequel under the Walt Disney Animation Studios umbrellas. It’s the first since “The Rescuers Down Under” in 1990. This begs the question, can “Ralph Breaks the Internet” find an emotional core that made the first one beloved?

What do you think of the second trailer for “Ralph Breaks the Internet?” Do you think it can find its way to Oscar gold? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

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“Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2” releases on Nov. 21, 2018. Walt Disney Animation Studios will distribute.