Reid Scott in Talks to Join Tom Hardy in Sony’s Spider-Man Spinoff ‘Venom’

Reid Scott (“Veep”) is circling a role in Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff “Venom,” according to Variety. The actor would be joining Tom Hardy (“Mad Max: Fury Road”), Michelle Williams (“Manchester By the Sea”), Jenny Slate (“Gifted”) and Riz Ahmed (“The Night Of”) for the project, with Ruben Fleischer (“Zombieland”) directing the flick.

The spinoff has released few plot details, as the project is still in development. Scott Rosenberg (“High Fidelity”), Jeff Pinkner (“The Amazing Spider-Man 2”) and Kelly Marcel (“Fifty Shades of Grey”) are set to write the screenplay. Avi Arad (“Spider-Man”), Matt Tolmach (“Spider-Man: Homecoming”), and Amy Pascal (“Spider-Man: Homecoming will produce, with Palak Patel (“Maleficent”) and Eric Fineman (“Goosebumps”) overseeing for Columbia Pictures.

The film will focus on Marvel Comics’ character Venom, an alien symbiote who’s technically a “Spider-Man” baddie (though in the comics, he fights for the good guys from time to time). Venom’s popularity harkens back to his inception in 1988, when the character quickly became a fan favorite. Sony is eager to capitalize on the character’s popularity, kicking the upcoming project into gear. He was first portrayed onscreen by Topher Grace (“Interstellar”) in the early 2000s “Spider-Man” series starring Toby Maguire (“The Great Gatsby”).

Hardy will portray Eddie Brock, the character’s human alter ego; Ahmed’s character has not been announced, though he will reportedly play a “popular Marvel Comics character,” according to various sources. Williams will reportedly play a district attorney and Hardy’s love interest, while Slate will play a scientist in the upcoming film. Sony hasn’t commented on Scott’s casting, so it’s uncertain as to what part the “Veep” and “Home Again” actor would play in “Venom.”

Only one thing’s for certain for the upcoming project: Tom Holland’s “Spider-Man” will not be making an appearance and “Venom” will not impact the rest of Spider-Man’s universe, according to Variety. However, Venom could appear in future “Spider-Man” films.

“Venom” swings into theater’s Oct. 5, 2018.

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Written by Selina Mixner

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