Richard Linklater has shot ‘Before Midnight’ with Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke!

The trio are ready to make their love story a trilogy…

Over the last few months or so, there was a juicy rumor floating around that the planned second sequel to the indie favorite ‘Before Sunrise’ was already being shot by filmmaker Richard Linklater. Of course it was starring Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke again, with the trio co-writing the script once more, but lots of people poo-pooed that theory. Well, go figure…they were right, as the movie just completed shooting and is headed to the Toronto Film Festival for buyers to purchase. Set in Greece this time around (an interesting location change, but more on that in a bit), I know I’m eager to learn more about the flick, and after the jump you can see a quick statement from Delpy, Hawke, and Linklater, along with my further thoughts on the now trilogy we have. Read on below for more on this surprising yet delightful news…

Here’s the statement released by the three of them:

“It’s great to be back together again, this time in beautiful Greece to revisit the lives of Celine and Jesse nine years after Jesse was about to miss his flight.”

There’s lots that we don’t know still about this film, but a fan of the previous two flicks like myself is certainly highly anticipating getting to see it. Especially considering that it’s now set in Greece, the possibilities for where Celine and Jesse are now pretty much are endless. Count me in…

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