Rob Reiner to Receive Inaugural Stanley Kramer Award for Social Justice from AAFCA


Writer/director/actor Rob Reiner will receive the first ever Stanley Kramer Award for Social Justice from the African American Film Critics Association.

The award is given in recognition of Reiner’s “career long activism and support to progressive politics.”

The Stanley Kramer Award was created in honor of the director, who was known for his socially relevant works including “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” “Inherit the Wind,” and “The Defiant Ones.”

Gil Robertson, President of the AAFCA, explained:

“Film served as an important vehicle to explore and examine social issues for Kramer. Our hope is that, through this awareness, it will inspire other filmmakers to continue making those statements.”

In discussing Rob Reiner’s selection specifically, Robertson also said:

“Even as an actor, Rob Reiner made a statement. In the years he spent on ‘All in the Family,’ he was the liberal voice countering Archie Bunker’s extremely conservative one.”

The statement from the AAFCA continued:

Much like Kramer, as a director, writer and producer, Reiner, has craftily used the art form as a springboard of political activism that has resonated far beyond Hollywood. His films have spearheaded progressive dialogue on a variety of critical societal issues, be they gender roles and attitudes in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ or race and justice in ‘Ghosts of Mississippi.’

Reiner’s film career has spanned decades and genres. His most recent film, “LBJ,” earned the AAFCA’s Seal of Approval, which is given in recognition of high quality. That film stars Woody Harrelson as President Lyndon Baines Johnson on his long and unexpected path to the White House.

The AAFCA will present the Stanley Kramer Award at the 9th Annual AAFCA Awards in Hollywood on February 7.

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