Rules Set in Motion for 92nd Academy Awards as Board of Governors Meet


The 92nd Academy Awards will feature some changes as the Board of Governors revised major category rules Tuesday evening.

As reported on by The Hollywood Reporter, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will not be changing eligibility prerequisites for nominees. This directly affects the ongoing discourse on whether a big streaming platform like Netflix, who’s shown to be a heavy hitter in awards season; i.e. “Mudbound,” “Okja and” “Roma”. The Academy voted that an eligible film must still have a seven-day theatrical run in Los Angeles, with at least three public screenings per day.

Key changes as detailed in the Board of Governors press release,

In the Animated Feature category, the theatrical release of eight eligible animated features in the calendar year is no longer required for the awards category to be activated. In addition, nominations voting will be automatically open to all active members of the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch. Other active voting members of the Academy must opt-in to participate in the nominations round.
The Foreign Language Film category name has been changed to International Feature Film.

Already a key highlight in the change, the Foreign Language category changes now to International Feature Film. Larry Karaszewski and Diane Weyermann, co-chairs of the International Feature Film Committee, find the former title to be “outdated within the global filmmaking community.” This notice is to better regard international film as part of the inclusive medium that film is grounded on. Dubbing the new title, the Academy hopes to broaden its creative intake. Former eligibility rules still apply. The change in title does not affect any category wins and regulations.

A statement from Academy President John Bailey:

“We support the theatrical experience as integral to the art of motion pictures, and this weighed heavily in our discussions,” said Academy President John Bailey. “Our rules currently require theatrical exhibition, and also allow for a broad selection of films to be submitted for Oscars consideration. We plan to further study the profound changes occurring in our industry and continue discussions with our members about these issues.”

More from the Academy press release,

In the Makeup and Hairstyling category, the number of nominated films is increasing from three to five, and the shortlist is increasing from seven to ten. In addition, the bake-off reels for the films shall not exceed seven minutes in total running time.
In the Short Film categories, Animated and Live Action Short Films now have the option to qualify theatrically in either the City of New York or Los Angeles County to be eligible for submission.

What felt like endless wishful thinking for Oscar viewers can now rest easy. The Board of Governors ruled that the once three-nominee Makeup and Hairstyling category is now raised to five nominees. This boasts an incredible change as the criminally under looked category features some of the year’s most daring achievements.

The 92nd Academy Awards will be held Sunday, February 9, 2020.

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