Ryan Gosling’s ‘Lost River’ headed to a different distributor?

lost-river-film-ryan-gosling-700x425After what can at best be referred to as a mixed reception from the folks at Cannes for Lost River (somewhat reminiscent of the response that Only God Forgives received at the festival last year), Ryan Gosling‘s directorial debut might not be staying with Warner Brothers. Apparently, the studio is looking to smaller and more independent distributors to see if they would rather handle the flick. While on some level it sounds bad, in terms of the actual situation itself, it would benefit all involved. Smaller houses deal with niche offerings much better than big studios, so a change like this could also help properly promote the movie after Gosling likely tinkers and re-cuts between now and a fall 2014 or spring 2015 release. You can see a few details below, but even with the reviews not being too great, I’m still intrigued by Lost River. Starring Christina Hendricks, among a few others, the film might be a cult flick in the making, especially if the comparisons to Southland Tales continue. Time will tell.

Here’s the story from Deadline:

While Warner Bros brought Ryan Gosling‘s directorial debut Lost River to Cannes, I’m hearing that the studio now is chatting with specialty distributors about the possibility of one of them acquiring and releasing the film. Nothing’s definite, but this is about doing the best thing for Gosling and his Bold Films-funded pic. The actor’s helming bow premiered yesterday and got a polarized reaction. Despite that, this potential move could be the best thing possible for Gosling and the movie he worked so hard on. Given what I’ve read about the story, it doesn’t at all seem appropriate for a big distributor like Warner Bros. Give that studio Godzilla or The Lego Movie and they’ll hit it out of the park. They did well with Spike Jonze’s Her and Argo, and some of those movies Gosling has made for the studio as an actor. This seems like one of those films that is smaller, and requires the care and feeding that the specialty distributors can take the time to do. There will also likely be some fine tuning as Gosling takes feedback from the festival and readies his film for release during the late fall. These meetings are underway right now, and some of the distributors are feeling like, “What took you so long?” I would not be surprised to see this movie get released with another distributor’s logo. Stay tuned.

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