Sam Raimi In Talks to Direct ‘Doctor Strange 2’


Marvel Studios has a pretty solid track record when it comes to directors remaining attached to their projects. Up until recently, the only real fiasco that resulted in a filmmaker leaving a project was when Edgar Wright walked away from the original “Ant-Man” due to creative differences. Most recently, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” saw Scott Derrickson depart for similar reasons. The Sorcerer Supreme’s sequel was supposed to utilize Derrickson’s skillset to the fullest as it explored the hellish and horrific mythology associated with the character. However, with Derrickson’s departure, it was assumed that Kevin Feige and company wanted to tone down the horror and ramp up the interconnectivity and signature comedic beats. While only the second time something like this has happened, many felt it pointed to a larger issue with the Marvel Cinematic Universe in their tendency to play things a bit too safe. Well, those skeptics (myself included) can relax for the time being as Kevin Feige may have courted the only other filmmaker who could restore faith in the project.

According to Variety, “Evil Dead” and “Spider-Man” director Sam Raimi is in talks to direct “Doctor Strange 2.” Raimi, who kicked off the modern superhero blockbuster era with his “Spider-Man” trilogy, is arguably better suited for this project given his proven background in horror-comedy (the “Evil Dead” franchise). There’s truthfully no one better at making light of a hellish situation – just watch “Drag Me to Hell.” Even Raimi’s beloved “Spider-Man” films beautifully integrated the camp of Peter Parker’s awkwardness with nightmarish imagery in its depiction of the Green Goblin and birth of Doctor Octopus sequence.

Raimi himself has also been a longtime fan of the Doctor Strange character, and one can only imagine that passion and enthusiasm will seep its way into what could be one of the MCU’s best films to date. That being said, Raimi is joining the project in the eleventh hour, and so it’ll be interesting to see how much of his vision for Doctor Strange make it into the final film. There’s also the possibility of Raimi returning for a “Doctor Strange 3” (should things go well) in which Kevin Feige allows the filmmaker creative freedom to make the film he wants to make (obviously within reason).

There’s still so much up in the air, but should Raimi officially sign on to direct, our faith in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” will be fully restored and then some. Now, someone give Bruce Campbell a call; I have a feeling he might be needed.