Saturday Night Live Recap: 39.01 “Tina Fey/Arcade Fire”


arcade-fire-special-tina-fey-snl-nbcThere were a bunch of mixed feelings while watching the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. One minute, it looked promising and the next, it was a complete disappointment. Even with new cast changes, Tina Fey hosting, and 3 cameos from Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, it was all very uneven.

I always like to receive the bad news before the good, so here now, the worst moments of the night:

Bruce Chandling on Weekend Update – What a bunch of crap. Kyle Mooney, one of the newbies, debuted a stand-up comic character named Bruce Chandling who….wasn’t funny at all. Maybe he wasn’t supposed to be humorous, which makes this sadder. He was on for almost 2 minutes but it felt like 12. I hope that we never have to suffer through it again.

Cinema Classics – Kenan Thompson “hosts” the PBS series looking back at, you guessed it, cinema classics. This week, Fey, Taran Killam, and Aidy Bryant play actors in the classic, “Unwanted Woman”. The sketch was a bunch of nonsense, became too repetitive, and got old real fast.

Here now, the good moments of the night:

Cecily Strong’s debut as Weekend Update anchor – I think it’s obvious that Strong was nervous, and could have delivered her jokes with the same type of intensity and fierceness that Jane Curtin and Tina Fey were known for. However, it was her first time behind the desk and with time, she has the potential to be great. Also, she gave a nice little tribute to the women who came before her, which was a nice sentiment.

Girls – I would like to point out, not a single sketch this week was great, but this spoof of the hit HBO series came pretty close:

Monologue – To initiate the new featured players, Tina had them do an awkward dance behind her, just like she did several times when she was a cast member herself. I worried the entire day about whether we would get to see the new people at all, so I was quite happy when I saw this:


Additional things that I must add:

Aaron Paul – The Breaking Bad star appeared 3 times during the evening. He came out in the C-SPAN Cold Open, as a guest on Weekend Update, and in E-Meth, a fake commercial for an electronic cigarette that lets you smoke meth whenever you want:

Where was Nasim Pedrad? Aside from a small cameo in an airport sketch, one of the veterans of the show now was nowhere to be found the entire night. About 3 years ago, she came out quite a bit and her characters always made me laugh. I’d like to see her again soon.

NEXT WEEK: Miley Cyrus/Miley Cyrus. Oh boy.

What did you think of the season premiere? Did you laugh at all or just cringe?