Scarlett Johansson talks ‘Under the Skin’


1964865_993632385733_1508705864_nLast month, right after seeing her brilliant performance in the new film Under the Skin (my review of which is right here), I was invited to partake in a press conference with Scarlett Johansson. Admittedly, these sorts of things aren’t as exciting as a one on one interview, since you don’t get to ask more than one question, if that, but I wasn’t passing up a chance to interact with one of my favorite actresses. I don’t usually post audio anymore, but I thought this was an interesting enough situation to warrant such an approach. Below you can find the audio of the press conference, with my question being the last one that was asked. Apparently, it was a good one, since a few other journalists at the event complimented me on it. I didn’t think it was anything too special, but I’m never one to pass up some praise. Take a listen and be sure to check out Under the Skin this weekend…

Here’s the Press Conference audio:

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