Scott Derrickson Returning To Direct ‘Doctor Strange 2’


Thanos may have wiped out half of all life in “Avengers: Infinity War” but there’s still some magic left in the MCU. One reason for excitement is Marvel gave the greenlight to “Doctor Strange 2.” Scott Derrickson, who previously helmed “Doctor Strange,” will return to the director’s chair. He recently helmed the pilot for the TNT adaptation of “Snowpiercer” and seems ready to conjure up another spell.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Derrickson is past the negotiation phase and a deal to direct has been finalized. As of right now, the movie has no screenwriter. But Benedict Cumberbatch will certainly return as the titular sorcerer along with Benedict Wong as Wong. Apparently, Rachel McAdams may also return as Christine, Strange’s love interest.

Marvel fans will likely be made eager with anticipation by this announcement. However, we’ll still have to wait for “Avengers: Endgame” to release so that Thanos’ snap can be reversed. As many of us know, Strange was one of the victims of the dreaded “Snap” in “Infinity War.” With “Doctor Strange 2” moving forward, it’s clear they’ll try to bring him back to life. The first film made over $600 million worldwide and received an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects. The character of Doctor Strange is quite valuable to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As for when “Doctor Strange 2” starts filming, sources close to The Hollywood Reporter say that a Spring 2020 production start is being eyed with a potential May 2021 release. Sadly, for the diehard “Doctor Strange” fans, there’s no magical spell that can be used to make the sequel come faster. But we’ll see if it’ll be worth the long wait.

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