‘Searching for Sugar Man’s’ Rodriguez Set to Record First Album in 42 Years


Rodriguez, searching for sugar manFor those who have not seen the incredibly fascinating and inspiring documentary Searching for Sugar Man, I highly recommend doing so. Not only is it the best doc I saw this year, but it is one of the best films of the year as well. The Academy thinks so too, as it is one of the five nominees for Best Documentary Feature (and quite possibly we’re looking at the winner here). The subject of the doc is a musician who goes simply by the name Rodriguez, and it tells of his surprising flop as a musical artist.  Well it turns out the 70 year old is re-teaming with his former producer – Steve Rowland – to head back to the studio to record his first album in 42 years.

The irony of Rodriguez’s failures, as we learn early on in the film, is that he was a huge star in South Africa, where the legend of Rodriguez’s fate ranged anywhere from him shooting himself in the head to lighting himself on fire while on stage. After watching the film, I headed straight over to iTunes and dropped eight bucks to buy the soundtrack. That’s how much I enjoyed the film, the man, and his music. So I’m kind of excited to learn that he has written 30 new songs and will be recording a third album. I wish the man much more success domestically then he had with the first two albums.

You can get Searching for Sugar Man on Netflix today.