‘Serena’ is a 2015 release…VOD Followed by Theatrical Release

75After what seems like ages, we finally have some closure when it comes to if and when Serena will ever play here in the United States. It’s coming folks, but here’s the thing…it’s not coming until next year, so it’ll be a whole separate awards season that it’ll be competing in. Yes, 2015 is the year where we’ll see Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence team up again. According to a source (Anne Thompson, to be precise), it’ll first hit VOD on February the 26th before coming out in theaters about a month later on March 27th. That release date doesn’t exactly inspire awards confidence, but the Academy has done stranger things in the past, that’s for sure. Still, the smart money now says that this won’t be an Oscar contender. Perhaps a strong showing over in England will help create some buzz, but for now this seems like little more than a curiosity. Personally, I’m still pretty intrigued by it and wonder if it’ll develop into a bit of a cult favorite due to the delay, but it’s just as possible that it’ll fade quickly into oblivion. Either way, we’ll find out in about six months. Directed by Susanne Bier, the film is almost done with its long journey. Serena is a movie that we’ll still be covering well into 2015, so stay tuned for all of that…

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