Seth-Rogen-009Just like Jonah Hill received his first Academy Award nomination for co-starring opposite an A-lister in a biopic of sorts and using the words of Aaron Sorkin (cough Moneyball cough), Seth Rogen might be about to do the same. Yes, reports have Rogen being eyed to play Steve Wozniak to Christian Bale‘s Steve Jobs in the upcoming Jobs biopic that Sorkin wrote and Danny Boyle will direct. Apparently, Jessica Chastain is also being discussed for a role in the film, so this is quickly becoming an even bigger project than it already is. Neither have deals in place or anything of the sort, so Bale could be acting opposite some very different co-stars when this film gets underway for real, but right now it’s very possible that the big names in lights for the biopic will be Bale, Boyle, Chastain, Rogen, and Sorkin. Hard to beat that, right? Even without Leonardo DiCaprio and David Fincher, this is still about as A-list as it gets. The movie is probably going to be a big Oscar player, so especially if he can nail the dialogue, I could easily see Rogen being a Best Supporting Actor contender either next year or the year after. Stay tuned for lots more on this project, as we’ve been covering it from the start. The more that we find out, the more it seems like something potentially very special.


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