Shia LaBeouf Will Not Appear in ‘Indiana Jones 5,’ Says Screenwriter David Koepp


Looks like the heir to the “Indiana Jones” throne has lost his seat. Shia LaBeouf (“American Honey”), who played Jones’ son Mutt Williams in “Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” will not be in the fifth installment of the action series, according to screenwriter David Koepp (“Spider-Man”). Koepp revealed only three facts about the upcoming film to EW: one, that Harrison Ford, who plays Indiana Jones, will reprise his role, LaBeouf will not, and there’s a quest for a “precious artifact.” Let’s hope it’s not knowledge this time.

The announcement is unsurprising, as LaBeouf burned his bridges with the franchise’s director, Steven Spielberg, back in 2010. He told the LA Times he “dropped the ball on the legacy that people loved and cherished,” in regards to the film. Ford called him a “f–king idiot” for his comments, saying he feels it’s “my obligation to support the film without making a complete ass of myself.” To top it off, LaBeouf also insulted Spielberg, who he’d worked with on two other films, in 2016, saying working with him felt more like working with a “f–king company” than a director.

But who will take over the franchise when Ford decides to leave it for good? In the fourth film, there was an obvious set-up for LaBeouf’s character to take over the family business. During the last scene, Jones’ trademark hat flies off and lands at Mutt’s feet; when he goes to put it on his own head, Jones snatches it away at the last second. It was a coronation for his successor if I’ve ever seen one. Perhaps Spielberg will begin to search for another successor?

In the meantime, Koepp and Spielberg have come up with a script they’re “mostly happy with,” and production is set to begin very soon. According to Koepp, the film might even be up next for Spielberg, who just finished shooting the highly anticipated film “The Post,” a biopic about the Pentagon Papers.

Who do you think should inherit Ford’s role, should he leave the franchise? Let us know in the comments below!