Sony Acquires Jason Reitman’s Gary Hart Film ‘The Front Runner’ Starring Hugh Jackman


Jason Reitman is poised to have a hell of a 2018. After a few years of mixed reviews, the filmmaker is back in the good graces of pundits. Just last week, he had “Tully” open to strong notices, after a buzz worthy debut at the Sundance Film Festival as the “Secret Screening.” However, that’s only half of the story for him. About a month ago, we did an Awards Profile for the other Reitman movie coming out this year. It was for “The Front Runner,” which at the time was without distribution. Well, that’s no longer the case for the Gary Hart pseudo biopic, as a studio has come forward and opened their check book.

According to Variety, Sony Pictures has bought “The Front Runner” and will be planning a fall release for awards consideration. Co-written and directed by Reitman, the film stars Hugh Jackman as Hart, the former Democratic Senator from Colorado and seemingly inevitable future President of the United States. The movie depicts Hart’s downfall during a Presidential campaign, essentially setting up the kind of political coverage about a candidate’s personal life that we see all the time these days. In addition to Jackman, Kaitlyn Dever, Vera Farmiga, Ari Graynor, Sara Paxton, Kevin Pollak, and J.K. Simmons co-star. Suffice to say, there’s some top notch talent involved here.

Here is a bit from the article:

Sony Pictures has acquired worldwide rights to Jason Reitman’s “The Front Runner,” starring Hugh Jackman as presidential candidate Gary Hart, along with Vera Farmiga and J.K. Simmons.

The studio, which made the announcement Thursday, said it plans a fall release timed to coincide with award season and election coverage.

“The Front Runner” chronicles the rise and fall of Hart, a charismatic U.S. Senator from Colorado, who was considered the frontrunner for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination when his campaign was sidelined by the story of an extramarital relationship with Donna Rice. In what may have been the first merger of tabloid journalism and political journalism, Hart was forced to drop out of the race.

As we wrote in the aforementioned Awards Profile, “The Front Runner” could definitely turn out to be a big Oscar player. Sony doesn’t currently have any real prestige pictures to push, so this should get their full attention. A debut at the Telluride Film Festival, where Reitman frequents, is all but a foregone conclusion. More on “The Front Runner” will be coming in the next few months, so stay tuned…