In 2018, Awkwafina became one of the most unlikely breakout stars of recent memory. The rapper/actress flipped her hyphen on its head, cruising to stardom do to her roles in both “Crazy Rich Asians” and “Ocean’s 8,” both of which finished in the Top 25 in the domestic box office. Considering that Awkwafina stood out in both films, she seemed like a star on the rise. She even got to host “Saturday Night Live” this year. However, her rise is far from complete, as she stars in one of the buzziest films of the year. “The Farewell” received rave reviews from Sundance, and now, A24 went and bought the film’s worldwide distribution rights.

According to Deadline, the dramedy will sell to A24 in the coming days. Traditionally, A24 has not picked up worldwide distribution rights to its films. This made “Hereditary” its highest grossing movie ever because “Lady Bird” sold to another company for its international rights. This shows serious promise from A24, who clearly believe that “The Farewell” can become a big hit for the company.

The film, directed by Lulu Wang, follows a family that discovers their grandmother does not have long to live. To gather one last time before she passes, they stage a fake wedding. Karen Peterson reviewed the film from Sundance and was very high on the performance from Awkwafina in particular. The ensemble works exceptionally well as well, with layered characters throughout the film. This makes “The Farewell” a film to watch for in the coming months and one that A24 may push for the 2020 Oscars. It may even have a nice box office run if posited correctly.

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