Superhero Fix: ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Trailer Connection to ‘Avengers: Endgame’


Now that we’ve finally caught our breath, it’s time to dive into some “Spider-Man: Far From Home” trailer talk. More specifically, what clues can we unearth that can cast a light on the mystery surrounding “Avengers: Endgame” and the fate of its canonically deceased – for now – roster of heroes? The title alone suggests our favorite web-slinger might make it to Senior prom after all. Despite turning to ash by the snap of Thanos’ (Josh Brolin) fingers, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker appears very much alive and ready to save his expanded neighborhood once more. Would Sony really go out of its way to spoil a character’s resurrection, or are we looking at an earlier timeline…or even an alternate one? First, check out the trailer below for context’s sake!

Had your fill of a hundred replays? Good, now let’s move onto…the “Avengers: Endgame” trailer to provide helpful side-by-side insight.

Okay, “movie time” is officially over – let the analysis begin! The most noteworthy hint is Jon Favreau’s Harold “Happy” Hogan remarking on Aunt May’s (Marissa Tomei) dress being new like he had foreknowledge. Both Peter and May seem very confused by this passing comment but don’t pay it much mind. However, this seemingly innocuous moment activates the receptors of its theorizing audience. Has Hogan experienced this moment before and is now reliving it? Perhaps in order to undo Thanos’ galactic genocidal reality, the Avengers had to travel back in time. The only way to do that is if they somehow pried the Time Stone from Thanos’ gauntlet. If so, the team-up of Black Widow (Scarlett Johannson), Captain America (Chris Evans), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) winds up working in the world’s favor.

This begs the question of whether or not those who initially survived Thanos’ wrath intentionally withheld information from the fallen population after bringing them back to life. In order to avoid mass hysteria, panic and the potential to destabilize the corrected timeline, maybe these resurrected were unknowingly forced to remain in the dark about Thanos and his hand in their deaths. With the emergence of alien beings known as the Elementals crashing Peter Parker’s international school trip, the timeline could again be in grave danger of reversal. Typically in comic book or science fiction narratives dealing with anachronisms – which come in many forms and aren’t meant to exist in certain dimensions or realities – they pose a serious threat to the balance of time and must be returned to sender.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s magical appearance as Mysterio is alarming in that he’s not unleashing his rage on Spider-Man like character history dictates. This time he’s working alongside Parker to defeat the Elementals, and in gleaming armor not dissimilar to the one Thanos wears. Mysterio is seen insisting that Peter stay out of the fight against these harbingers of destruction. Protecting the formerly deceased seems to be a priority for this wizard-like stranger, who looks like he’s familiar with this new opposition.

Speaking of Elementals, in the comic books, it was Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) who ultimately defeated this powerful group of villains. Yet, Marvel is noticeably absent in “Spider-Man: Far From Home” while her colleague Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) makes his presence cemented with a recruitment offer to Parker. This could indicate that Marvel either sacrificed herself in the war against Thanos or her expertise in extra-terrestrial matters is needed in another quadrant of the galaxy. What’s interesting is how no back-up is called to fight these literal forces of nature. Is there nobody alive post-Thanos to assist, or are the Avengers too afraid to come close to Parker, fearful of triggering the memory of his tragic death in the arms of mentor Tony Stark?

What are your theories about the “Spider-Man: Far From Home” trailer? Does it reveals more about the shocks and surprises that await in “Avengers: Endgame”? Let us know in the comments below!

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