Survivor: Blood Vs. Water – ‘One-Man Wrecking Ball’


At the end of last week’s episode, “The Dead Can Still Talk” (you can find the full recap here), Galang sent Laura M. to Redemption Island after their very first Tribal Council. It was a move she didn’t see coming, and she is now tasked with having to get past two Goliaths, John and Brad, in order to find a way back into the game.

We were left with the tribes looking like this:


Katie Collins
Ciera Eastin
Vytas Baskauskas
Hayden Moss
Caleb Bankston


Tina Wesson
Gervase Peterson
Aras Baskauskas
Kat Edorsson
Monica Culpepper
Laura Boneham
Tyson Aposto

Redemption Island

Brad Culpepper
John Cody
Laura Morett

Following voting out Laura M., Aras realized that he was unfortunately in the “ringleader” position at Galang, something he knew is never a good thing in this game (ask Brad). He wasn’t the only one to realize this, however, as Tyson and Gervase shared a private moment weighing their options on when it would be best to take out their boss. The two seem to be the real power couple in the game, and, from my perspective, the show seems to really be setting them up as the two that (along with one other) might make it to the end.

At Redemption Island, Laura M. had to be pleased to see the challenge be less physical, and more mentally challenging. As one of thebrad best puzzle solvers the game has ever seen, she wiped the floor with the two men in no time. John then caught and passed Brad to send the former NFL quarterback home (I was totally wrong about him running the table), which was probably the best thing that could have happened to his wife, Monica. Laura M. gave the clue to the hidden Immunity Idol to Vytas, who burned it instantly, making it three episodes in a row with the same exact result. Survivor, who I am sure has adjusted the game on the fly in the past, really needs to step up and do something different with the clue idea.

It was just after this that everyone learned the tribes were being switched up. After 14 days, the remaining contestants drew for new tribes. Gervase, Aras, and Tyson moved over to Tadhana, with Vytas and Katie moving over to Galang. Some interesting facts about the new tribes: Tina and her daughter Katie were the only two loved ones paired up on the same tribe; Vyras is the only male at Galang; Ciera is the only female at Tadhana.

At the new Tadhana, the playing field was evened – Caleb, Ciera, and Hayden forming one half, with Aras, Tyson, and Gervase forming the other. The three first-time players pulled a huge rookie mistake right off the bat, spilling important details right away. Tyson continued to entertain, eating and drinking way more than his share behind everyone’s back, while still delivering some leftovers to his new tribe members. He also made sure to let Aras stand out as the one in charge in an attempt to take the target off his back as much as possible.

At Galang, Vytas found himself in a bad position as one of the two new members joining the four remaining original Galang players. To make matters worse, the other new member was Katie, whose mother, Tina, was part of the four, leaving him as the obvious man out if they were to lose the next challenge. His brutal honesty and natural charm – both which won me over on the very first episode – seemed to have the ladies at Galang on his side, but in the end, this is a game where no one is ever one hundred percent safe.

At the Immunity Challenge, Tina and Laura B. did no favors for Vytas’ cause, making a gigantic mistake right at the start, putting Galang in an enormous hole that, despite a magnificent comeback, they were never able to fully recover from. When Galang returned to their beach, Laura B. apologized right away for their horrible mistake. Kat turned to Tina in hopes she could talk her into voting out Monica instead of the already agreed upon Vytas. But Tina, loyal to her alliance with Monica, spilled the beans leaving Kat to defend herself against her angry tribe-mate. Monica then set her sights on Kat, and things were totally left up in the air as we headed to Tribal Council. In the end, Kat learned the hardest lesson in the game: Never go against the family. And that’s straight out of The Godfadda, to paraphrase Boston Rob. You could probably hear my sigh of relief in Boston, in fact, that Vytas lived to see another day. The hope now is that he will embed himself with Tina and Monica, who were previously working with his brother Aras, so that when the tribes merge maybe, just maybe, he’ll be a part of their majority alliance.

Next week on Survivor, Tyson and Gervase appear to sign a deal with the devil, and might or might not be working with the original Tadhana members to vote out Aras. Is it a legit power move? If so, the duo would find themselves down in numbers in their tribe if the merge doesn’t come soon. If not, is it a smoke screen to catch Tadhana off guard? And what’s with the possible Vytas/Katie love connection Tina was talking about?? Anything to keep my boy in the game!

My Current Top Five Power Rankings for Survivor: Blood Vs. Water

  1. Tyson Aposto
  2. Vytas Baskauskas
  3. Gervase Peterson
  4. Monica Culpepper
  5. Aras Baskauskas

My Previous Top Five Power Rankings for Survivor: Blood Vs. Water

Episode Five:

  1. Tyson Apostol
  2. Vytas Baskauskas
  3. Monica Culpepper
  4. Gervase Peterson
  5. Aras Baskauskas

Episode Four:

  1. Tyson Apostol
  2. Vytas Baskauskas
  3. Monica Culpepper
  4. Gervase Peterson
  5. Aras Baskauskas

Episode Three:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas
  2. Monica Culpepper
  3. Tyson Apostol
  4. Aras Baskauskas
  5. Gervase Peterson

Episode Two:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas
  2. Tyson Apostol
  3. Monica Culpepper
  4. Gervase Peterson
  5. Aras Baskauskas

Episode One:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas
  2. Tyson Apostol
  3. Laura Morett
  4. Caleb Bankston
  5. Monica Culpepper


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