Survivor: Blood Vs. Water – ‘Opening Pandora’s Box;’ Days 7-9


At the end of last week’s episode, “Rule in Chaos” (you can find the full recap here), Rachel, Tyson’s girlfriend, was voted out by Tadhana at Tribal Council. Rachel headed off to join Candice and Marissa at Redemption Island, where she would have to wait and hope for an opportunity to rejoin the game at a later date.

We were left with the tribes looking like this:


Katie Collins
Ciera Eastin
Vytas Baskauskas
Hayden Moss
Caleb Bankston
Brad Culpepper
John Cody


Tina Wesson
Laura Morett
Gervase Peterson
Aras Baskauskas
Kat Edorsson
Colton Cumbie
Monica Culpepper
Laura Boneham
Tyson Aposto

Redemption Island

Marissa Peterson
Candice Cody
Rachel Foulger

When things resumed, we found Colton whining – big surprise – about no one wanting to play the game or form alliances and talk strategy with him. News flash Colton: Your tribe IS playing the game. It’s just that no one wants to form an alliance or talk strategy with YOU. When Colton asked Aras if he was in trouble, he basically spelled it out to Colton that his days in the game were numbered. So it was with no surprise that as soon as the game started back up again at Redemption Island, Colton decided to pull himself out of the game – selfishly and cowardly – and for the second time we were robbed of the opportunity to watch Jeff Probst snuff out Colton’s torch at Tribal Council. We also learned what I had believed all along: that Colton had feigned appendicitis on Survivor: One World when things stopped going his way in order to quit the game without it looking like he was quitting. I’ve never been more proud or fond of Probst as he rightfully accused Colton of quitting the show, even refusing to allow him to throw his buff into the ceremonial fire, reserving that as an honor for “those who compete.” Probst’s best line was “We brought a quitter back, and we got a quit again.” The thing that irks me the most is that I’m sure Colton is smugly sitting at home right now still thinking in some bizarre way that he had a small victory. I can see him thinking in his confused little head that no one was ever able to get him out of the game. Beyond infuriating as I imagine it.

As a fan of the series from its very first episode, Colton goes down as my least favorite contestant to ever play the game.

With that little drama queen finally – and no doubt for the last time – out of the way, the duel between Marissa, Candice, and Rachel

Rachel Foulger
Rachel Foulger

began. The challenge took patience and balance, and in the end Candice came out on top for the second straight Redemption Island Challenge, earning her another clue to a hidden Immunity Idol. She once again gave the clue to her husband, John, who previously chose not to share its contents with his alliance. Marissa and Rachel struggled with the challenge for quite some time before the former finally edged out the latter, making Rachel, Tyson’s girlfriend, the third person out of the game.

At Galang, Tyson had some making up to do with Monica after he had attacked her husband for voting out Rachel, while at Tadhana, Brad struggled with the fact that Tyson had called him out as the ringleader of his tribe. John took the opportunity to bond with Brad by involving him in his hunt for the hidden Immunity Idol.

Tree Mail brought word of an Immunity Challenge that would pit each contestant in a physical one-on-one battle. Several matchups were interesting to watch. Brad finally got to put a hit on Gervase, Tina/Katie and Laura/Ciera had fun mother/daughter engagements, but the most notable battles were Hayden vs. Tyson – in which the latter injured his shoulder – and brothers Aras vs. Vytas – in which Aras took down his older brother. Tadhana failed to win the bout, sending them to Tribal Council for the third straight time.

Brad decided to change the plan of keeping the five man alliance together, and aimed his sites at John. Vytas wasn’t a big fan of the way Brad went about this new strategy, and there were some whispers that he might flip the tables and vote out their ringleader. But in the end, that just appeared to be a minor Survivor smokescreen, as Tadhana unanimously voted out John, sending him to Redemption Island to join Marissa and his wife, Candice.

Next week we’ll find out how the husband and wife pair handle things as they square off against each other at the Redemption Island challenge (something I was craving to see happen to Rupert and his wife, Laura). We’ll see how Tyson’s ailing shoulder is feeling and if it is bad enough to knock him out of the game (it didn’t look like it). We’ll also find out just how much Tadhana is willing to continue to follow Brad’s lead, and if their dwindling tribe can finally win an Immunity Challenge.

My Current Top Five Power Rankings for Survivor: Blood Vs. Water

  1. Vytas Baskauskas
  2. Monica Culpepper
  3. Tyson Apostol
  4. Aras Baskauskas
  5. Gervase Peterson

My Previous Top Five Power Rankings for Survivor: Blood Vs. Water

Episode Two:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas
  2. Tyson Apostol
  3. Monica Culpepper
  4. Gervase Peterson
  5. Aras Baskauskas

Episode One:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas
  2. Tyson Apostol
  3. Laura Morett
  4. Caleb Bankston
  5. Monica Culpepper


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