Survivor: Blood Vs. Water – ‘Rule in Chaos;’ Days 4-6


At the end of last week’s premiere, “Blood is Thicker Than Anything” (which you can find the full recap here), we left the tribes looking like this:


Katie Collins
Ciera Eastin
Vytas Baskauskas
Hayden Moss
Caleb Bankston
Brad Culpepper
John Cody
Rachel Foulger


Tina Wesson
Laura Morett
Gervase Peterson
Aras Baskauskas
Kat Edorsson
Colton Cumbie
Monica Culpepper
Laura Boneham
Tyson Aposto

Redemption Island

Marissa Peterson
Rupert Boneham
Candice Cody

Marissa Peterson became the first player voted out at Tribal Council, and was sent to join Candice and Rupert – who had earlier been voted out of their tribes mid-way through the first episode – at Redemption Island.

The morning after Tribal Council, Galang displayed their unity with a train massage and a Zen-like atmosphere that everyone outside of Colton was taking part in. The ultimate drama queen of Survivor instead approached Aras, Tina, and Gervase to talk strategy, but the trio shot him down right away, refusing to discuss future plans with him. It really is no surprise, of course. Who the hell would go into Survivor wanting to play with that unstable freak?

At Tadhana, Candice’s husband, John, developed a nice relationship outside of his all-male alliance with Tyson’s girlfriend, Rachel. Ciera had her eye on them, however, and was sure to spread rumors about their presumed alliance with others in an attempt to put a target on John’s back.

The two tribes met up at Redemption Island, where Gervase – and the rest of Galang – learned of his niece’s demise. After none of their loved ones stepped up to swap places with them, Candice, Rupert, and Marissa began their challenge to stay alive in the game. The challenge required the contestants to display a mix of “speed and dexterity,” two traits that Candice proved she possessed, finishing the match first. Marissa and Rupert battled to finish their task, and in the end, my nemesis, Rupert Boneham failed to complete the competition and became the first person officially out of Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Candice received a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol that she was able to hand out to anyone still in the game, and, of course, she handed it to her husband, John, putting yet another small target on his back.

After Redemption, Tadhana’s Vytas continued his brilliant play by formulating a plan to vote Rachel out if they lost the next challengerupert in hopes that her boyfriend, Tyson, would swap places with her at Redemption Island. If it came to fruition, Tyson’s absence would weaken the Galang tribe dramatically. Meanwhile at Galang, a power alliance was formed between Aras, Tina, Monica, Gervase, and Tyson, one that I can easily see sustaining itself to the end – barring any unforeseen twists and turns in the game (and I’m sure there will be a few of those). Colton began to unravel even further when Kat shared a little too much information with him in a private moment. The little bitch then blew up on his tribe hoping to get more information, but they hilariously wanted nothing to do with his drama, and it was very clear that he would be the first to go if they were to lose the Immunity Challenge.

But unfortunately for us, we’ll have to suffer through Colton’s antics for at least another week, as the Galang tribe once again was victorious at the challenge. Gervase, who was nothing short of an albatross in last week’s Immunity Challenge, had a nice moment of reparation, and proved to be the biggest difference in the outcome of this week’s match.

After the Immunity Challenge, Tadhana recommitted to voting out Rachel, but John, who had formed that early bond with her, had a hard time with the decision. Vytas wanted to be sure there were no loose ends, and brought in Katie to add strength to the men’s numbers in case John tried to pull anything (remember, he had the clue to the hidden Immunity Idol as well). It was a savvy move, but one that, in the end, proved to be unnecessary, as Rachel was voted out at Tadhana’s second consecutive Tribal Council, and sent to join Candice and Marissa at Redemption Island.

Will Tyson swap places with Rachel next week when he sees her at Redemption Island? Will Colton’s meltdown reach nuclear level? That preview sure made it look like a big yes to both of those lingering questions.

So far we are off to an exciting start, with a lot of new elements to the game that should make this 27th season feel refreshed. My one complaint so far is that through the first two episodes, the Tribal Councils – which have long made the show famous with its dramatic blindsides – have been extremely subdued if not downright underwhelming. I’m sure that will change as the game advances, I just hope it happens sooner rather than later.

My Current Top Five Power Rankings for Survivor: Blood Vs. Water:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas
  2. Tyson Apostol
  3. Monica Culpepper
  4. Gervase Peterson
  5. Aras Baskauskas

My Previous Top Five Power Rankings for Survivor: Blood Vs. Water

Episode One:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas
  2. Tyson Apostol
  3. Laura Morett
  4. Caleb Bankston
  5. Monica Culpepper


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