Survivor: Blood Vs. Water – ‘The Dead Can Still Talk’


At the end of last week’s episode, “One Armed Dude and Three Moms” (you can find the full recap here), Brad, Monica’s husband and former Tadhana ringleader, was blindsided by the remaining members of his former alliance at Tadhana’s fourth straight Tribal Council. Brad headed off to join Candice and John at Redemption Island, where he would have to outplay the married pair if he was ever going to return to the game. But they weren’t going to make it easy for him, as both players had some pent up anger and distain for the former NFL quarterback.

We were left with the tribes looking like this:


Katie Collins
Ciera Eastin
Vytas Baskauskas
Hayden Moss
Caleb Bankston


Tina Wesson
Laura Morett
Gervase Peterson
Aras Baskauskas
Kat Edorsson
Monica Culpepper
Laura Boneham
Tyson Aposto

Redemption Island

Brad Culpepper
Candice Cody
John Cody

Returning home from Tribal Council, the remaining members of Tadhana discussed the surprising turn of events that sent Brad to Redemption Island. The blindside breathed new life into Katie and Ciera’s game, while Hayden and Vytas were left unsure where they stood, all knowing that Caleb, the tribe’s new ringleader, would be the swing vote amongst them.

Laura M. tried to wedge her way into an already established alliance at Galang, but Aras was wise enough to pick up on what she was up to, and vowed to remain steadfast to his alliance with Tyson, Gervase, Tina, and Monica. Rupert’s wife, Laura B., continued to feel like a fifth wheel, having a hard time fitting in with the rest of her tribe, who unlike her, have all played the game previously. This was our first clue that Galang might be in trouble tonight, and that the vote might come down to the two Lauras.

At Redemption Island, Monica asked Brad if she could swap places with him, but he refused, pledging to find his way back into thecandice game by winning the challenges. And he started off on the right foot, finishing behind John and just ahead of Candice in his first challenge, sending Candice home. I have an inkling that Brad will run the table, and be the one who returns to the game from Redemption Island. John once again gave the hidden Immunity Idol clue to Monica, who once again burned it without looking. They’ll have to find something new to do with hidden Idols, as everyone is now aware of what a huge target you can become just having a clue to where one is located.

Monica’s alliance at Galang helped hold her together after the challenge, though Tina privately emphasized her distrust of her alliance member. We were then shown all the disgusting sores and bug bites and missing toenails that the members of Tadhana were suffering through, while being reminded of how much losing they had endured. This was another sign that Tadhana might finally win an Immunity Challenge tonight (sometimes you can just read this show like a book). Vytas tried to work Caleb for more information on where he stood, and struggled to determine whether their bond was still intact or not.

And to no one’s surprise, Tadhana finally won Immunity, sending Galang to their first Tribal Council. And to no one’s surprise, the vote came down to Laura B. vs. Laura M.  The smarter decision was made and Laura M. was sent to Redemption Island to square off against two much larger, much more athletic men. But make no mistake about it, Laura M. is a puzzle wizard, and we could see her taking down one of the brutes if the challenge lines up with her skills. The reason Laura M.’s exit seemed the absolute right decision was simple. Galang’s aim should be to keep people in the game who do not have a loved one over at Tadhana, in an attempt to keep people from having someone to run back to, and thus keeping the numbers once the merge arrives. While Tadhana should be trying to do what Brad had previously suggested, and keep players in the game that have a counterpart on the other tribe, in hopes that they can try to pull them over and even things up numbers-wise. The impending merge will no doubt be the most interesting one the game has ever seen, and I, for one, can hardly wait.

Next week, Gervase and Tyson tease the idea of of voting out Aras, but it looks like Survivor is pulling one of their annoying mix-ups prior to the heavily anticipated merge. Hopefully the indication that they are mixing things up is just the arrival of the merge itself, and not some sort of re-draft of the two tribes. That never bodes well for people who have been playing the game well up to this point. Ugh.

My Current Top Five Power Rankings for Survivor: Blood Vs. Water

  1. Tyson Apostol
  2. Vytas Baskauskas
  3. Monica Culpepper
  4. Gervase Peterson
  5. Aras Baskauskas

My Previous Top Five Power Rankings for Survivor: Blood Vs. Water

Episode Four:

  1. Tyson Apostol
  2. Vytas Baskauskas
  3. Monica Culpepper
  4. Gervase Peterson
  5. Aras Baskauskas

Episode Three:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas
  2. Monica Culpepper
  3. Tyson Apostol
  4. Aras Baskauskas
  5. Gervase Peterson

Episode Two:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas
  2. Tyson Apostol
  3. Monica Culpepper
  4. Gervase Peterson
  5. Aras Baskauskas

Episode One:

  1. Vytas Baskauskas
  2. Tyson Apostol
  3. Laura Morett
  4. Caleb Bankston
  5. Monica Culpepper


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