SXSW: Interview with ‘Snap’ composer Reza Safinia


IMG_4095bOne of the best things about attending SXSW is getting to meet awesome people like Reza Safinia. A former record producer, Safinia used his experience to craft the score for Snap, combining industrial and atmospheric sounds with dubstep, a genre that has become massively popular in the last few years. In our brief chat, we talked about everything from his experience on the film, what it’s like to compose for indie films, our favorite pieces of movie music, and I even got him to break down dubstep for me. Check it out after the jump!

You can also listen to some tracks from the film below!

Film Synopsis: Jim is a painfully shy, socially awkward music savant whose inner demons get stirred up when he develops an obsession with Wendy, a young clinical social worker, who is drawn to Jim by her naïve desire to save people. His fixation grows more menacing after she rejects his romantic advances and Wendy is forced to seek out the counsel of her mentor, Kevin. Together they attempt to unravel the secrets of Jim’s inner torment before it spirals out of control. A raw psychological thriller set in the underground world of dubstep DJ scene, “Snap” takes us on a dark and terrifying journey into the depths of the psychopathic mind as it threatens to explode into horrific violence.