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  • DeadLands3

    Film Review: The Dead Lands (★★★)

    There is no place for peace. These are the words uttered by the main atagonist Wirepa (Te Kohe Tuhaka), in one of the opening scenes of Toa Fraser’s The Dead Lands. The statement is a strong indicator of what’s to come, as the film takes us on an action-packed ride with its depiction of an […] More

  • whitegod1

    Film Review: White God (★★★)

    Revenge is one of the most prominent themes in populist cinema and for good reason. At the heart of the physical or psychological violence depicted, these stories are essentially about justice, a desire we can all relate to. In Kornél Mundruczó’s ambitious new film White God, this justice comes at the hands – or more […] More

  • Tangerines

    Film Review: Tangerines (★★★)

    Cinematic stories of war come in many different narrative forms. Some focus on the physical destruction of the battlefield, while others emphasize the lingering emotional and psychological impact of the conflict. Zaza Urushadze’s Tangerines mainly falls in latter description, examining how a brutal war affects four men in a small village. Tangerines takes place during […] More

  • darkvalley1

    Film Review: The Dark Valley (★★★)

    A dark silhouette traverses a mountainous landscape. It’s a lone rider of unknown origin, but the upbeat music immediately lets you know that he’s someone important. His face is soon revealed as he approaches a little Austrian town tucked into the valley between these hills, ready to set the plot into motion. From its opening […] More

  • Film Review: Human Capital (★★½)

    Italian cinema has long been fascinated with the lives of its rich and famous. From the works of Federico Fellini to recent films like The Great Beauty and I Am Love, filmmakers have attempted to use film as a way for audiences to empathize with society’s elite. One of the latest entries into this canon […] More

  • dgar ramírez

    Film Review: The Liberator (★★★)

    One of the greatest political figures of all time finally has his own major biopic. You may not know him, but his influence was immense. The man I’m referring to is Simón Bolívar, the subject of the Alberto Arvelo’s new film The Liberator. As a Caribbean student, I remember learning about Bolivar in history and […] More

  • redprincesses

    Film Review: Red Princesses (★★★)

    More often than not, you know what you’re going to get with independent films. Just watch the parody video “Not Another Sundance Movie” and you’ll see this is true. Laura Astorga’s debut feature Red Princesses certainly hits some of those beats, yet it manages to separate itself as one of the more distinctive films of […] More

  • simshar1

    Film Review: Simshar (★★★)

    Each year, technological advances help to foster an increasingly “globalized” world. There’s no denying that we are now more connected than we’ve ever been. However, as world events often indicate, there are borders that still exist, especially when it comes to immigration policy. First-time director Rebecca Cremona shines a spotlight on this fact in Simshar, […] More

  • nightingale 2

    Film Review: The Nightingale (★★½)

    Like so many other countries, China is a nation with a marked social divide. Rich vs poor, urban vs rural, young vs old. This dichotomy isn’t lost on Philippe Muyl, the French director of The Nightingale, a Mandarin-language film that takes the audience on a journey through China’s varied landscapes. Guiding us along this trip […] More

  • winter

    Film Review: Winter Sleep (★★★½)

    BFI LONDON FILM FESTIVAL: Cannes seem to have a theme as of late for selecting 3 hour films for their coveted Palm d’or with Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s latest and Blue Is The Warmest Colour. However, Winter Sleep’s mammoth 196-minute length should not be solely be considered a challenge. In fact, it was perhaps the most leisurely […] More

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