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  • Dylan Minnette and Jane Levy in Dont Breathe1

    Film Review: ‘Don’t Breathe’ is a nearly relentless horror outing

    Two feature length horror outings in, director Fede Alvarez is establishing himself as a genre filmmaker to watch out for. Now, both his Evil Dead remake as well as this movie, the home invasion fright flick Don’t Breathe, are flawed to one degree or another, but he has quite a feel for how to torture […] More

  • 10556878 tobias lindholmjpg

    INTERVIEW: Tobias Lindholm discusses his Oscar nominated ‘A War’

    One of the more underrated foreign films of this awards season is without question the Danish drama A War. Written and directed by Tobias Lindholm, the movie is nominated for Best Foreign Language Feature at the Oscars, and honestly, in another year would probably be the frontrunner to win. Regardless of whether or not the […] More

  • dirty grandpa zac efron robert de niro

    Film Review: Dirty Grandpa (★★½)

    I have no doubt that Dirty Grandpa is going to get some of the very worst reviews of any film this year. It’s just that sort of lowbrow comedy. At the same time, I laughed way too often and way too loudly to completely dismiss it as trash. In fact, at my press screening, I […] More

  • the 5th wave dom df 15132 rgb

    Film Review: The 5th Wave (★★)

    Checking off just about every single one of the boxes needed for a run of the mill YA adaptation, The 5th Wave is about as standard as it gets, from the end of the world setting to the inevitable love triangle of sorts that develops. With only one exception (which you’ll hear about shortly), nothing […] More

  • Film Review: The Benefactor (★★½)

    As a general rule, when you cast Richard Gere and let him go to town in a movie, you’re going to get something pretty compelling. Gere has been on a solid run of late too, with Time Out of Mind representing perhaps the best performance of his career. With his newest film The Benefactor (previously […] More

  • Q vEX

    Film Review: Intruders (★★★)

    To some degree, what you think about other films of this ilk will affect how you judge Intruders. This home invasion thriller isn’t as clever or genre busting as You’re Next sought to be, but at the same time, it’s hardly a run of the mill flick either. In that realm, it could come down […] More

  • 1216529 Kristen Stewart Anestesia 02

    Film Review: Anesthesia (★★★)

    I’m not spilling any industry secrets when I say that it’s not easy to nail interconnected ensemble dramas. More often than not, they stumble and fall into clichéd territory, undeserving the large cast in the process. In the case of Tim Blake Nelson‘s Anesthesia, however, the good more than outweighs the bad. Nelson is a […] More

  • maxresdefault 3

    Film Review: Where to Invade Next (★★★½)

    To some degree, you have to know what you’re going to get when you sit down to watch a documentary from Michael Moore. In the case of his latest endeavor, Where to Invade Next, a number of Moore’s trademarks are still there, like the filmmaker front and center on camera, comedy masking sadness, and a […] More

  • 664969388001 4504573298001 8091713 20150924 115855 VIDEO STILL

    INTERVIEW: Olivia Wilde chats about ‘Meadowland’

    I don’t think people realize just how long Olivia Wilde has been in the business. For years now she’s been doing memorable work, often in supporting roles. This year though, she broke through in a big way for me with Meadowland, a darker drama than you might not be used to seeing from her. Wilde […] More

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