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  • krampus

    Film Review: Krampus (★★)

    After how much I enjoyed filmmaker Michael Dougherty‘s horror title Trick ‘r Treat, I was really looking forward to Krampus, his take on the urban legend/fairly tale character that’s gotten popular recently. Sadly, while I really appreciate his attempt to make a Joe Dante style B movie horror comedy, this film just doesn’t really work. […] More

  • Youth

    Film Review: Youth (★★★½)

    What an often breathtaking film this is. Youth embraces you in a warm, mysterious hug, and never lets go. With tremendous acting, gorgeous visuals, and a hypnotic melancholy, this is something very unique. I fell under the spell that writer/director Paolo Sorrentino was casting early on and it lasted throughout its entire running time. This […] More

  • INTERVIEW: Talking ‘Goodnight Mommy’ with Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz

    Among the main contenders for Best Foreign Language Feature, there really isn’t anything else like Goodnight Mommy. A genre film that hues closer horror than anything else, it really stands out, in particular for the tension it manages to build over the course of its running time. A few weeks ago, I got the chance […] More

  • creed image michael b jordan

    Film Review: Creed (★★★½)

    This is what you hope for whenever you go to a screening…a film you have middle of the road expectations for absolutely knocking your socks off. In the same way that the original Rocky captured magic in just the right way, winning the Academy Award for Best Picture in the process, so too has filmmaker […] More

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    Sizing Up: Best Actress 2015

    We’re back now ladies and gentlemen for part four of this annual Sizing Up series of articles. This time around I’m going to be tackling the rather top-heavy Best Actress field. Unlike last year, for many this won’t be one of the more boring categories out of the majors or potentially the easiest to figure […] More

  • 6755697 secret in their eyes 2015 movie trailer ec74980d m

    Film Review: Secret in their Eyes (★★)

    Talk about an English language remake that has its meaning get lost in translation. Secret in their Eyes, an update of the Academy Award winning film The Secret in their Eyes, is a pointless thriller that neglects almost all of the original’s subtext. The end result is a bland investigative procedural that’s well acted but […] More


    Film Review: The Night Before (★★★)

    It’s rare that a bit of extra time thinking about what’s essentially a stoner holiday film leads to a kinder review, but that’s the case here. Initially, I’d gone a bit more mixed on The Night Before, opting for a two and a half star review instead of a three star one, but an extra […] More

  • in

    INTERVIEW: Brie Larson discusses the emotional power of ‘Room’

    There are times when you can just tell that an actor or an actress has something special to offer. Brie Larson is one such young actress, already a huge star on the rise due to Short Term 12, but this year she’s gone to a whole new level with the soon to be Academy Award […] More

  • shelter

    Film Review: Shelter (★★½)

    Over the course of 2015 (with 2014 film festivals counting as well), there’s been a sudden boom in movies depicting life on the streets of New York City. On heels of Heaven Knows What as well as Time Out of Mind now comes Shelter, which can’t stand up to those powerful films. The writing and […] More

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