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  • bigshottrailer

    ‘The Big Short’ jumps into 2015 and the Oscar race with a Trailer

    Finally, a twist has come to Oscar season 2015. It’s been a bit of a by the book start, but now we’ve got something that potentially will upend things in The Big Short. Originally set for a 2016 bow, this A-list adaptation of the Michael Lewis non-fiction book about the banking/financial crisis of the mid […] More

  • martian

    NYFF announces a special screening of Ridley Scott’s ‘The Martian’

    Before 20th Century Fox moved The Martian‘s release date up to October 2nd, I had been of the mind that it would be one of the big movies to debut at the 53rd New York Film Festival. Well, even with that date now rapidly approaching, the film will still have an NYFF related moment in […] More

  • stonewall

    Film Review: Stonewall (★½)

    What an epic miscalculation Stonewall is. Director Roland Emmerich, best known for destroying national landmarks and making large scale disaster movies, clearly had the best of intentions here, but man did he miss the mark here. Emmerich deserves kudos for stepping out of his comfort zone and attempting something that clearly means a lot to […] More

  • 99 homes publicity still michael shannon andrew garfield cre

    Film Review: 99 Homes (★★★)

    I’ve always felt that the films of Ramin Bahrani have ably mixed the indie with the mainstream in interesting ways, and that’s never been more so than with 99 Homes, a drama that pulsates with unexpected tension. In setting the movie in 2008, amidst the backdrop of the housing market crash, Bahrani has crafted something full […] More

  • black mass joel johnny

    Film Review: Black Mass (★★½)

    There’s so much potential and talent on display in Black Mass that you almost can’t believe how workmanlike the end result turns out to be. Everyone involved turns in competent work, but no one manages to stand out, and that goes for everyone, up and down the line. From director Scott Cooper to star Johnny […] More

  • pawn sacrifice

    Film Review: Pawn Sacrifice (★★½)

    With the chess drama/biopic Pawn Sacrifice, it appears like filmmaker Ed Zwick is trying to find his inner Ron Howard. To be sure, this is a well made and competent movie all around, but only on occasion that does it rivet like it sets out to. Tobey Maguire is excellent and the set up is […] More

  • snowden movie

    Oliver Stone’s film ‘Snowden’ gets bumped to 2016

    Well, another potential 2015 Academy Award contender has been pushed to next year, and a Christmas Day release as well. Reports have Oliver Stone‘s high profile biopic Snowden, which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the title role, being bumped to 2016. The official reason is that Stone hasn’t finished the film yet, but I think there […] More

  • jena malone co stars with richard gere in time out of mind jena plays maggie in time out 568944

    INTERVIEW: Jena Malone talks ‘Time Out of Mind’

    For almost as long as I’ve been a fan of film, I’ve been a fan of Jena Malone. An actress who rarely gets the credit that she deserves, Malone is almost always a supporting player highlight in whatever she’s in. This week’s Time Out of Mind is no exception, as she and Richard Gere do […] More

  • alison brie

    INTERVIEW: Alison Brie chats about ‘Sleeping with Other People’

    Of the many pleasures found within the film Sleeping with Other People (my rave review of which can be found here), the performance of Alison Brie is one of the main ones. I’ve enjoyed her in comic relief in a number of roles, but this one is easily her best work to date. As such, […] More

  • 0d0a82c07fba65c7

    Film Review: The Visit (★★)

    Let me start things off by saying this…The Visit is the best thing that filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan has done in a long time. Sadly though, that’s not nearly the compliment that you’d assume it to be. Though not an outright terrible film like his last few, it’s still mostly a misfire and nowhere near […] More

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