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  • starisborn

    ‘A Star Is Born’ Will Be Re-Released With Additional Footage

    A commercial and critical smash, “A Star Is Born” exceeded all expectations for Warner Bros. and the cinematic world on the whole. Bradley Cooper‘s filmmaking debut showcased his talents in a new light, while somehow also making Lady Gaga an even bigger icon. Nominated for eight Academy Awards, it took home the Oscar for Best […] More

  • welcome to marwen

    Film Review: ‘Welcome to Marwen’ Isn’t a Compelling Invitation

    A good tearjerker is hiding within “Welcome to Marwen,” buried beneath technological quirk and poor pacing. Robert Zemeckis, in turning the documentary “Marwencol” into a feature film, has focused on all the wrong aspects. Where the doc felt intimate and personal, this is unnecessarily broad. The creative forces feel like their animated sequences are the […] More

  • All About Nina Movie

    New Blu-Ray/DVD Releases (12/18/18) – ‘All About Nina’ and Michael Moore

    This week, some of the most underrated films of 2018 hit Blu-Ray and DVD. “All About Nina,” just to name one, is a literal hidden gem. There’s a handful of other titles hitting shelves today that really deserve your notice too. It’s a slate that even includes a terrible offering that somehow requires another look. […] More

  • 7231d47f 4d89 4b5b acd7 4eaedbf10e79 MUL 03511r

    Film Review: Clint Eastwood’s ‘The Mule’ Meanders Aimlessly

    At 88 years old, no one is going into “The Mule” expecting Clint Eastwood to be an action hero. At the same time, it’s more than fair to expect him to be something. For his latest directorial endeavor, Eastwood has opted to give himself a starring role yet again. However, he also gives himself a […] More

  • e897298e ffa1 4790 a92b e3d8b214fea7 GALVESTON 2

    New Blu-Ray/DVD Releases (12/11/18) – Ben Foster Goes to ‘Galveston’

    This week, a gritty little character study starring Ben Foster leads the new release charge. His offering is the best of the Blu-Ray/DVD bunch today, but hardly the only thing worth offering. So, with that tease being put out there, it’s time to dive right in! PICK OF THE WEEK “Galveston” Ben Foster has been […] More

  • image

    Film Review: ‘The Party’s Just Beginning’ For Karen Gillan As A Filmmaker

    It goes without saying, but to write, direct, and star in your feature debut is an ambitious undertaking. None of that fazed Karen Gillan, as she put on all three hats for her initial foray into filmmaking. That confidence shows, as “The Party’s Just Beginning” functions much more than as simply a showcase for Gillan. […] More

  • 15373935566193aa91a94df57e109d225

    Film Review: ‘Song of Back and Neck’ Hits the Right Quirky Notes

    “Song of Back and Neck” may be small in ambition, but it comes with a quirky little hook that ropes you in. It seems like a work from another era. Many an actor and filmmaker has done something similar over the years at the Sundance Film Festival. Writer/director/star Paul Lieberstein went to the Tribeca Film […] More

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