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  • Buffaloed movie 1

    Top 10: Films From the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival

    The 2019 Tribeca Film Festival has come to a close. From April 24th until May 5th, New York City played host to one of the most diverse selections of upcoming films. The 18th incarnation of the festival unspooled 103 movies from 124 filmmakers, with half of the directors at Tribeca being women. It was truly […] More


    Tribeca Film Review: ‘Clementine’ Explores Post-Breakup Emotions

    2019 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL: Breakups cause normally rational people to behave incredibly irrationally. Someone completely logical might act in a way that’s irresponsible, even self-destructive; heartbreak can do that. Choices relating to love lost reside at the core of “Clementine,” a drama about the roads one takes in order to move to the next stage […] More

  • werner herzog at cerro torre patagonia with bruce chatwins rucksack c bbc 1 1

    Tribeca Film Review: Werner Herzog Pays Tribute to a Friend with ‘Nomad: In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin’

    2019 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL: Documentaries often seek to shine a light on a pressing political or social issue. Sometimes, they can attempt to color in the lines for a public figure the world may not truly understand. It’s rare to see one presented as a love letter. However, that’s just what filmmaker Werner Herzog has […] More

  • plus one 1

    Tribeca Film Review: ‘Plus One’ Makes For Appealing Company

    2019 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL: The inherent discomfort of being single at a wedding courses through the veins of “Plus One.” This charming romantic comedy goes to a lot of expected places, though the appeal of the cast smoothes the ride greatly. Witty dialogue and natural characters give the movie a welcome spin. Watching the leads […] More

  • seeyouyesterdaymovie

    Tribeca Film Review: ‘See You Yesterday’ Brims With Creativity

    2019 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL: Filmmaker Stefon Bristol arrives on the scene as an exciting storyteller to watch out for in “See You Yesterday.” The protege of Spike Lee, who produces here, Bristol merges the New York flavor Lee is known for with a wildly creative time travel tale. A dose of “Back to the Future,” […] More

  • sd tiff hd 709 gl 01002418 PR HR UBG CMYK

    Tribeca Film Review: ‘Stray Dolls’ Goes Astray

    2019 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL: Crime dramas work best when the element of curiosity and anxiety drive audiences to the end of the film, with kinetic energy in every frame. Audiences need not feel for the criminal, or even the victim, but there should exist an inquiring mind actively predicting the final act. For “Stray Dolls,” […] More

  • Buffaloed movie 2

    Tribeca Film Review: Zoey Deutch is a Force Of Nature in ‘Buffaloed’

    2019 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL: Envision the tailgating madness of the Eagles game shown in “Silver Linings Playbook” mixed with some of the financial shenanigans depicted in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” It might be an underdeveloped platitude – simply an idea of just how alive “Buffaloed” is, though it consistently blazes its own trail. Featuring […] More

  • 4 24 leslie odom jr only freida pi.2e16d0ba.fill

    Tribeca Film Review: ‘Only’ Presents a Post-Apocalyptic Love Story

    2019 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL: Ambitious science fiction told on a budget can cut both ways. On the one hand, limited resources spur unconventional creativity. On the other, an unfulfilled promise is always a danger. Such is the case with the sci-fi effort “Only,” which has an amazing premise, yet fitfully executes it. As an independent […] More

  • swallow haley

    Tribeca Film Review: ‘Swallow’ Tells An Off-Putting Tale

    2019 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL: An incredibly upsetting film with a stunning central performance, “Swallow” dares its audience to keep watching. Graphic and uncompromising, this character study generated walkouts during its festival screening, which should be no surprise. Any story centered around a pregnant housewife who develops a predilection for consuming inedible objects is going to […] More

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