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  • Shirley
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    ‘Shirley’ to Screen Online via Film Fest 919

    Film Fest 919 has today announced that the Sundance award-winning film “Shirley” will be available to watch on their website beginning Friday, June 5, with a $3.99 price that will provide much-needed funding to keep the organization sustainable. With the COVID-19 pandemic still having devastating effects across the world, organizations in the film and television […] More

  • Falling Poster

    Sundance: ‘Falling’ Closes out Sundance and Ascends High Above

    2020 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL:  Two types of films have been popular at year’s Sundance Film Festival – ones about Alzheimer’s and ones that are non-linear.  The new Viggo Mortensen film “Falling” happens to have both.  Not only did this movie serve as the closing night film for this year’s festival, it also marked the directorial […] More

  • Promising Young Woman

    Sundance Review: ‘Promising Young Woman’ Delivers On Its Promise

    2020 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL: Film history is full of revenge stories, and so many of them center on victimized women. Whether it is a big strong man who must avenge his love’s honor, or a woman who fights back against her attackers, it’s a story that gets told again and again with, frankly, little variation. […] More

  • The Last Thing He Wanted

    Sundance Review: ‘The Last Thing He Wanted’ Is a Misfire

    2020 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL: There is almost always a highly anticipated festival title that fails to live up to expectations. Few would have expected this year’s disappointment to come from director Dee Rees. A follow up to quadruple Oscar nominee “Mudbound,” Rees’ thriller, “The Last Thing He Wanted” is a confusing melange of half-baked plots […] More

  • Downhill Image 1

    Sundance Review: ‘Downhill’ Stumbles, but Stays On Course

    2020 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL: The stars were out Sunday night for the Sundance Premiere of “Downhill” from directors Nat Faxon and Jim Rash. Remade from “Force Majeure,” Ruben Östlund’s 2014 Swedish film, “Downhill” follows the Staunton family as they arrive at a posh ski resort in the French Alps for a week of family bonding. […] More

  • Come Away

    Sundance Review: ‘Come Away’ Doesn’t Have Enough Fairy Dust to Leave the Ground

    2020 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL: Neverland and Wonderland come together in “Come Away,” the new film from Brenda Chapman. Angelina Jolie and David Oyelowo are Rose and Jack Littleton, a happy couple raising their three adventurous children outside of London. David (Reece Yates), Peter (Jordan A. Nash), and Alice (Keira Chansa) are happy in their idyllic […] More

  • This Is Not a Burial Its a Resurrection Still 1

    Sundance Review: ‘This Is Not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection’ Is a Jarring and Important Experience in Experimental Filmmaking

    2020 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL: Nestled within the borders of South Africa is the Kingdom of Lesotho. Its two million inhabitants are mostly farmers, though some go off to work in the diamond mines. Now this small, landlocked nation has produced the new film, “This Is Not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection,” which premiered this week […] More

  • Zola 1

    Sundance Film Review: ‘Zola’ Proves Twitter Was Good For Something

    2020 Sundance Film Festival: If you happened to be on Twitter the night of October 27, 2015, you might have borne witness to one of the most engrossing experiences ever created on the platform. It all started when A’Ziah “Zola” King tweeted four images of herself and a blonde woman and said, “Y’all wanna hear […] More