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    Six Circuit: Which 2016 Best Picture Hopeful Strayed Far From the ‘Moonlight’?

    Welcome to the twenty-ninth entry in our Six Circuit series. Even accounting for recency bias, the misreading of the 2016 Best Picture winner at the Oscars will go down as one of the most memorable telecast moments in the Academy’s history. Presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were tasked with giving out the last award of the night. […] More

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    Six Spot: Between Adams and Chastain, Who Missed the 2016 Best Actress Race?

    Third times the charm with the new and improved Six Spot series! We’ve turned our attention to one of my favorite categories. That’s right, it’s Best Actress week! The winner of this week’s Twitter poll was the 2016 Best Actress race. While Emma Stone walked away with the win, there was plenty of chatter around other […] More

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    2017 AARP Movies for Grownups Awards Winners – ‘Loving’ Takes Top Honors

    The AARP held its 16th Annual Movies for Grownups Awards Monday evening. Interracial marriage drama “Loving” took home Best Picture, and “Fences” saw both of its stars (Denzel Washington and Viola Davis) take home acting prizes. Mike Mills’ “20th Century Women,” which was largely shut out of the Oscars save for a screenplay nod, won […] More

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    2017 Academy Award Nominations Announcement – LIVE Stream With LIVE Blog Chat

    Happy Oscar nomination day! We’re finally here: The Academy Award nominations for the upcoming 89th annual ceremony. Beginning at 8:18 am ET, the Academy will reveal their nominations on the very best of 2016. We expect plenty of surprises and we’re going to be here with you every step of the way. Down below, you […] More

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    Box Office: ‘Split’ Surprises Everyone With Huge January Opening

    (JANUARY 20 – JANUARY 22, 2017 estimates) “Split” (Opening) – $40,190,000 “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage” (Opening) – $20,000,000 “Hidden Figures” (Week 5) – $16,250,000 “Sing” (Week 5) – $9,036,530 “La La Land” (Week 7) – $8,350,000 “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” (Week 6) – $7,036,000 “Monster Trucks” (Week 2) – $7,000,000 “Patriots […] More

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    BEST OF 2016: Top 10 Films of the Year and Personal Ballot Winners

    The “Best of 2016” series, or rather, Best of ANY YEAR series is always a privilege to partake.  As an avid lover of film, I spend so much of my year just watching movie after movie, many of which I don’t do a “formal” review, and am always eager to discharge some of those feelings […] More

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    BEST OF 2016: Personal Ballot of the Year

    [sg_popup id=”4″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]To start, and to simply put…this list is mine. Lots of thought and commentary went into naming the very best films and performances of 2016. Some were no-brainers, others were much more difficult. Even more commentary will be shared on Friday when the winners are announced, along with the order of the Top 10 […] More

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    Box Office: ‘Rogue One’ Nearly Overtaken by ‘Sing’

    (DECEMBER 30 – JANUARY 1, 2016/2017 estimates) (4-day estimates in Italics) “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” (Week 3) – $49,539,000/$64,336,000 “Sing” (Week 2) – $42,820,000/$56,400,000 “Passengers” (Week 2) – $16,150,000/$20,700,000 “Moana” (Week 6) – $10,974,000/$14,301,000 “Why Him?” (Week 2) – $10,600,000/$13,000,000 “Fences” (Week 3) – $10,045,000/$12,700,000 “La La Land” (Week 4) – $9,530,000/$12,330,000 “Assassin’s […] More

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    2017 Awards Circuit In Line Series: 25 Actresses for an Oscar Nomination

    Welcome to the official 2017 AWARDS CIRCUIT IN LINE SERIES! The Academy Awards get tons of flack for not rewarding actors and actresses in the prime of their careers. It often boils down to poor timing, but sometimes the Academy’s choices are downright baffling. Here at Awards Circuit, we will begin an annual tradition called […] More

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    Weekend Openings: The End of 2016

    This week, 2016 comes to a close with a final handful of Oscar hopefuls vying for your attention. They are among the last titles, along with things like “A Monster Calls,” to grace screens before a whole new crop springs up in 2017. The year wraps up on a high note, as just about everything […] More

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