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  • Westworld Episode 3x8 Evan Rachel Wood

    TV Recap: ‘Westworld’ 3×8 – ‘Crisis Theory’

    The Recap The episode opens with a montage of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) looking over “Westworld” and Arnold/Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) building her for the first time. She’s stuck in a pseudo-afterlife after blasting herself with an EMP to escape Maeve (Thandie Newton) last episode. When one of Serac’s henchmen approaches, it appears that Dolores’ pearl […] More

  • Poster for the movie "Black Widow"

    Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul to Star in Riley Stearns’ Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Dual’

    Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul are in talks to star in the upcoming sci-fi thriller, “Dual.” Riley Stearns, who helmed last year’s “The Art of Self-Defense,” is writing and directing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Dual” follows a woman (Gillan) who is terminally ill and finds a way to ease the impending loss for her friends […] More

  • Westworld Genre Vincent Cassel

    TV Recap: ‘Westworld’ 3×5 – ‘Genre’

    Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) revealed a new wrinkle for “Westworld” last week. With not one, but four versions of herself unleashed on the world, Bernard and Maeve found themselves in dire straights. Serac (Vincent Cassel) needs to move against Dolores quickly, but we still do not know much about him. “Genre,” directed by Anna Foerster, […] More

  • Westworld The Mother of Exiles Ed Harris 2

    TV Recap: ‘Westworld’ 3×4 – ‘The Mother of Exiles’

    Last week had the “Westworld” fan community wondering if Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) had found a way to split her consciousness. Luckily, we did not have to wait too long for an answer. “The Mother of Exiles,” directed by Paul Cameron, brings us the identities of several unknown hosts in the real world. It also brings […] More

  • Westworld Season 3

    TV Recap: ‘Westworld’ 3×1 – ‘Parce Domine’

    HBO may have lost its flagship series in “Game of Thrones,” but high-concept, big-budget shows are all the rage. The return of “Westworld” after nearly two years made it one of the most anticipated premieres of the Spring. It also means we’re back for a soft reboot, despite the return of many characters. The star-studded premiere, […] More

  • BoJack Horseman S06E01 12m1s17305f

    TV Review: ‘Bojack Horseman’ Continues Its Impeccable Track Record in Final Season

    Don’t judge a book by its cover. Netflix’s “Bojack Horseman” stands as the perfect example of this adage. At first glance, the animated sitcom seems like a “Family Guy”-esque spin-off that features anthropomorphic animals rattling off pop culture references. For those who keep going, they discover the most heartbreaking, devastating and emotionally involved show on Netflix. […] More

  • Breaking Bad

    ‘Breaking Bad’ Film in Development at AMC From Creator Vince Gilligan

    The world of “Breaking Bad” continues to loom large over the television landscape. The acclaimed drama became one of the biggest shows in television history when it concluded in 2013. The series was a powerhouse. The spinoff, “Better Call Saul,” has established its own footprint on the cultural landscape. Earlier this week, it became clear […] More

  • Aaron Paul

    ‘Westworld’ Adds Aaron Paul for the Third Season of the HBO Series

    There’s little doubt that the HBO series “Westworld” grabbed a spot as one of the biggest shows on television last year. While critical reception for the show seemed to turn last season, it still picked up 21 total Emmy nominations. It’s already picked up three awards at the Creative Arts Emmys, with five more nominations […] More

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