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    Film Review: ‘Being Frank’ Shows Jim Gaffigan in a Whole New Light

    Lies cause pain. They’re also nearly always discovered. In film, lies are sources of either comedy or drama, depending on the story being told. In “Being Frank,” not only is a lie used to both comedic and dramatic effect, but it’s also equally effective in doing so. Armed with a quietly evocative 1990’s setting, strong […] More

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    WATCH: New Trailer for the Comedy ‘Being Frank’ with Jim Gaffigan and Samantha Mathis

    We are excited to the new trailer for the indie comedy “Being Frank” from Miranda Bailey.  Formerly known as “You Can Choose Your Family,” which screened at the Gasparilla Film Festival earlier this year, the film stars funny man Jim Gaffigan. The film also stars Logan Miller, Samantha Mathis, Alex Karpovsky, and Anna Gunn. Earlier […] More