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    Circuit Q&A: Potential Surprise Acting Nominees at the Oscars?

    Each year, there’s typically a performance that surprises on Oscar Nomination morning. One that doesn’t appear on places like the Golden Globes and SAG Awards, but still earns an Oscar bid. Precursors do often indicate who will be nominated. However, there are portrayals that defy those and bulldoze their way in. For this Circuit Q&A, […] More

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    NYFF Film Review: ‘The Irishman’ Soulfully Etches Age and Sin with Joe Pesci’s Most Provocative Career Turn

    2019 NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL: The energy and vigor that pours from the screen in Martin Scorsese‘s intensely constructed picture “The Irishman” is too glorious to ignore. The iconic filmmaker has made his mark in the crime genre with classics such as “Goodfellas” and “The Departed” being among his most popular and beloved by casual […] More

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    TV Review: Amazon’s ‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams’ Misses Lofty Expectations

    The boom of Sci-Fi television has been a blessing for those who love the genre. With new shows like “Stranger Things,” “Star Trek Discovery,” and “Dark” there have been some incredibly unnerving, yet satisfying new entries into the world of science fiction. Perhaps the biggest show in that regard has been the explosion of “Black […] More

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    WATCH: ‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams’ Announces Amazon Premiere Date

    2018 will usher in the next great dystopian story, courtesy of author Philip K. Dick, Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios. “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams,” a 10 part TV series based on Dick’s works, will hit Amazon Jan. 12. Each episode will focus on a different Dick short story featuring the likes of Richard […] More

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    AwardsCircuit Announces ACCA 1993 Winners – ‘Philadelphia’ Tops ‘Schindler’s List’ While Spielberg Wins Director for ‘Jurassic Park’

    If you listened to the Circuit Breaker podcast from two weeks ago, then you heard the results of the 1993 Awards Circuit Community Awards.  The late Jonathan Demme’s outstanding look at the judicial system through the lens of a man living with AIDS was the big winner.  “Philadelphia” upset favorite “Schindler’s List” in Best Picture, […] More

  • Film Review: The Good Dinosaur (★★★)

    Pixar offers another base hit for its already stunning performance as a well-oiled studio with Peter Sohn’s “The Good Dinosaur.”  Standing tall as one of the Pixar’s most beautiful creations to date.  A lusciously crafted piece that stands as another key example of cinematography executed brilliantly in animated features.  While the story hawks too much […] More

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    Top Ten Tuesday: True Blood’s Most Iconic Moments

    Did any of you watch True Blood on Sunday? If you did, and are like me, you are glad this show is mercifully coming to the end. The premiere left much to be desired (ie. no resoultion for major storylines that were left in the balance of season 6) and killed off a major character […] More

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    True Blood Recap: 6.05 “F*ck the Pain Away”

    Sometimes you can see the end of a TV is nigh and I think we may have reached that point with True Blood. How else do you explain a TV show giving an episode an amazing title like “Fuck the Pain Away” and then delivering one of the worst episodes of the entire run? I can’t […] More

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    True Blood Recap: 6.04 “At Last”

    I’m back from a week’s break from True Blood recapping but honestly you didn’t miss much last week. Jason has a ton of concussions and almost died, Bill can enter houses without an invitation, and Eric felt up then kidnapped the Governor’s daughter. That about covers last week’s episode which was pretty terrible. This week’s […] More

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    True Blood Recap: 6.02 “The Sun”

    Tonight’s episode of True Blood shows that while you can reestablish a show, the problems truly don’t go away. It’s not that “The Sun” was a bad episode, but the individual moments don’t weave together as well as they might want them to. We open the episode where we left the last one off, with […] More

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